Ask Blasterjaxx Anything

" I'm 15 years old and I want to be an EDM producer in the future. To make that a reality, what should I do and where do I start? Please give me some ad... "
  • account_circleRyu
" Who do you guys respect the most as an artist? And, out of all your tracks, which one do you guys like the most? "
  • account_circleg.h
" What's the funnest show you've ever played? And, which show(s) are you guys most looking forward to playing? "
  • account_circlebibijaxx
" What is it like being on Revealed Recordings and will you guys release any Ep's soon? "
  • account_circleSINtg
" Why do you think so many top electronic producers come out of Holland and who do you think is the next dutch producer to keep our eye on? "
  • account_circlekunio
" Whenever I see footage of you guys playing at places like Tomorrowland, you both look like you're having a lot of fun playing on stage. However, do yo... "
  • account_circleまっきー
" Do you like Japan? Let us know which part of Japan you like! "
  • account_circleyutarave
" My friend and I started DJ'ing as a 2-piece. We have yet to play a show and we just practice in the studio because we are still beginners. What would ... "
  • account_circleSnake
" You guys look really tall in your photos. I heard that the Dutch are the tallest people in the world. I think you visiting japan might be a bit like t... "
  • gojirakujira
" How did you guys meet and get to know each other? Please tell us about your first impressions of each other! "
  • account_circleミチル
" How did you guys come up with and decide on the name Blasterjaxx? "
  • account_circleぶらすた
" Please tell us the music style you two are aiming for! "
  • account_circleヒロカズ(hirokazu)
" Are there any Japanese DJs you have been interested in lately? "
  • account_circleEDMism
" I love both the original version and the remixes for the song, "beautiful world"! It's my number one song! Please tell us which song you recommend t... "
  • account_circleTrooper
" Is it true that you're remixing Yoji Biomenhanika's Hardstyle Disco? "
  • account_circleMisaki
" What would you choose as the final song if the world was going to end now? "
  • account_circlenkyminfo
" What are some of the DJ techniques you use to excite people? Also, what is your favourite food besides Japanese cuisine , and is there anything speci... "
  • account_circleまーやん。
" What do you think of djmag? Are you happy with where you are in the rankings? "
  • account_circleidjk
" How do you spend your holidays and your free time? "
  • account_circleわか
" Why did you create your own record label? "
  • account_circleマイク
" Which one of the big festivals do you guys like performing at? "
  • account_circleChris
" What would be crucial when creating a song that Japanese people would also like? Also, what do you think is necessary in becoming a famous DJ in Japa... "
  • account_circleidjk
" What kind of music do you think EDM would become in 10 years? "
  • account_circleidjk
" Where do you get your motivation for creating more music? "
  • account_circlejaxx
" Which artist would you like to work with? "
  • account_circleBull_Dog
" Where would you two recommend visiting in Holland? "
  • account_circleめぎゅー
" How do you think Japan can become the number one country for EDM within Asia? "
  • account_circleidjk
" I love blasterjaxx the best! I live in the providence called Tottori, which has the lowest population in the country. What would be the number one th... "
  • account_circlejapanex1
" Please share us your impressions of Japanese EDM. Im a number one fan of blasterjaxx! I adore both your music and looks! Hope you guys enjoy Japan! "
  • account_circleTaichi
" Please tell me what you think is important when creating music. Your music is my religion! I love blasterjaxx! "
  • account_circleTaichi
" How do you spend your holidays and your free time? "
  • account_circleわか