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" What are your favourite horror movies? "
  • account_circleMarlon Zero
" Can you describe some parts of the creative process and recording techniques for Host album, like studio time and recording and mixing of guitars/keyb... "
  • account_circleJan & David
" Was Yorkshire itself ever an inspiration? Castles, ruins, abbeys and graveyards, miserable weather.... I can't listen to PL and not to envision those ... "
  • account_circleJonathan Alcover
" First - Love the new album. You guys have touring coming up, how do you manage touring life with family time, children? When off tour, how and if yo... "
  • account_circleKaspars Lucey - Grinbergs
" Greg and Nick, have you ever considered writing instrumental music for film soundtracks? "
  • account_circleJames
" Now that you have integrated some of the band's early sound on The Plague Within, would you ever consider revisiting the electronic sound of Host? It'... "
  • account_circleJames
" Hi guys, it's again me! Your mental fan from Russia! Question for Mr. Nick Holmes: What was the hardest part for you in the recording process of 'The ... "
  • account_circleAnton_Russland
" What's the one song off the new album you can't wait to play live? "
  • account_circleChris Evans
" Lost Paradise and Gothic are two of my favourite albums ever (alongside Opeth), so now that PL have gone back to brutal with The Plague Within, will f... "
  • account_circleJennifer Star
" Is there a story or a meaning behind the band's logo (crown of thorns)? "
  • account_circleAlex
" You're all working on a lot of different projects. Do you see that as a good thing for Paradise Lost? Does it ever get in the way? "
  • account_circleTreadLightly
" What books and novels are you favourite? I love Paradise Lost, and always thought that you are big fan of literature... Maybe because Milton's referen... "
  • account_circleTomek Droszkowski
" Plovdiv concert was wonderful and unforgettable! Can you describe in a few words your feeling at that short moment when you entered the stage with the... "
  • account_circleJan & David
" Q for Greg/Aaron: How has your guitar/amp/effects setup progressed over the last few years? Also, did the switch from the D tuning and 6 strings to 7 ... "
  • account_circleDavid T
" If you could tour with ANY band past or present who would it be and why? "
  • account_circlemark stubbs
" Paradise Lost is such a multifaceted band and you have explored a lot of sounds. Has there ever been any style or genre you wanted to explore but felt... "
  • account_circleCharleston
" When you look back at your career what's the thing that you're most proud of?Is there something that you would different? "
  • account_circleAlex
" I read an interview with Greg about the current state of the music industry. I wondered how you see things changing in the next 10 years? "
  • account_circleTrenchcoat
" Are you going to start working on a new album straight away whilst you're on a brutal creative streak?! (I think you should :D) "
  • account_circleJennifer Star
" What would be in your personal room 101 and why? "
  • account_circleFalsePositive
" I really love your classic stuff but "One Second" and "Host" were an absolute piece of art, so unique and til today my all time favorites ever! Would ... "
  • account_circleBarry
" Do you think that this new and improved PL sound and approach will inspire you guys to shake up your setlists? I've seen PL a few times and after the ... "
  • account_circleParadise Lost + Bloodbath + Vallenfyre = Musical Coitus
" Greg and Nick write all of the band's material and Adrian is obviously involved in several other bands, but do Aaron and Steve ever write their own mu... "
  • account_circleJames
" It is possible that in 3 years you will make a special tour (30 years of Paradise Lost) with a setlist created (voting) by fans? "
  • account_circleMati
" I love most PL albums but Lost Paradise, Gothic and now The Plague Within are my favourites - absolute masterpieces. These are the albums that to me, ... "
  • account_circleParadise Lost + Bloodbath + Vallenfyre = Musical Coitus
" Will you release a dvd/blu-ray with official videos? "
  • account_circleIgor
" Have you considered inserting some not-so-popular songs into your setlists? Like some more obscure songs from Icon or Shades of God albums? It was rea... "
  • account_circleIvica Jankovic
" Question for each member. What's your favourite and least favourite PL album? Cheers. "
  • account_circleBrit
" Would you ever tour as an evening with Paradise Lost and play a 2 1/2 hour show on your own? You have so many albums and songs. Would love to see yo... "
  • account_circleJeff Joseph
" What were the main inspirations for "The Plague Within"? "
  • account_circleKhoi Trinh
" Any plans to release the ''Host, BIN, Symbol Of Life & Paradise Lost'' on Vinyls? "
  • account_circleGregory
" Nick, how did your beard influence the writing of TPW? Maybe if you grow it knee-length you'll release the best musical album ever! "
  • account_circleBart
" is it true that The Plague Within is based on the movie Alpha Papa, with the title being in reference to Alans Toblerone addiction? "
  • account_circleAdam
" What's the next step on PL career? You already have been invented goth metal and tried almost every metal genre, with excellent results. What we shoul... "
  • account_circleGuadalupe Rangel
" what is your worst song? "
  • account_circleillness
" Would you ever consider playing the album "One Second" cover to cover like you previously did with "Draconian Times"? "
  • account_circleJose
" Obviously your music and sound are at least inspiring, so what i'd like to point out is all this BEAUTIFUL artwork that adorn your covers. Absolutely ... "
  • account_circlefani
" Hi, guys! now i am trying to ask something interesting and untypical (just like your music are) about "Host", Russia and more. So, lets see how it wor... "
  • account_circleAnton_Russland
" What are the 5 albums that have been the most important influences for Paradise Lost? "
  • account_circleChristoph
" "Draconian Times" is one of your most complete releases ever...I wonder how come you never left the artwork again at Holly Warburton' s hands??? "
  • account_circleAndrew Koran
" If you could play a live show for any one person alive or dead who would it be? Cheers "
  • account_circleTimo
" Fancy a beer? "
  • account_circleGeorge Tate
" Is there a chance of taking a photo with you in Wrocław, PL? And will you ever play Weeping Words live? "
  • account_circleWojtek Łakomy
" The Plague Within, for me is your best album since Gothic. And that's not to say I haven't enjoyed A LOT of PL albums since that time - because I love... "
  • account_circlePL + Bloodbath + Vallenfyre = Musical Coitus
" There is always a song that bring us indescribable emotions, and Embers Fire is the one for me. I wonder, what PL song makes you feel the same and why... "
  • account_circleRafaela Moraes
" Haven't Aaron and Steve ever wanted to write some music in 27 years with the band? I mean, it must be frustrating for them. "
  • account_circleFabio Perna
" If you had to describe each band member in one word what would those words be? "
  • account_circleMal
" Hammer or Amicus? Why? "
  • account_circleMarlon Zero
" Is there any chance you're ever going to play Small town boy live? I love that cover very much... Do you have any elaborate way of picking songs for c... "
  • account_circleIvan Cernicky
" You cancelled your last tour to Australia quite a while ago. Are you considering making up for it and coming to Australia? We're fucking waiting :D "
  • account_circleCristian
" Do you love The Plague Within as much as most of us do it? Critics seems to have appreciated it, so much, too. Is it a good achievement for you as son... "
  • account_circleGuadalupe Rangel
" Since, to my delight, you seem to return to a more death-oriented style, is there any chance of seeing you tour with a death metal band and play a set... "
  • account_circleKha
" Greg is a great guitarist. It would be really cool if he did some guitar lessons of Paradise Lost solos. What do you think? "
  • account_circleAdrian Dragassakis
" Will you ever come back to Greece? "
  • account_circlePanagiotis
" Hey guys..!Have you ever thought to play some songs from your B-sides for the future tour???? "
  • account_circleNikitas
" Nick and Greg, what is the biggest difference from being in the studio or on tour as Paradise Lost compared to Vallenfyre and Bloodbath? "
  • account_circleFabian
" Do you make your living from paradise lost or do you have to make anything else to get rostbeef on the table on sundays? And how many records have yo... "
  • account_circleAntti
" Paradise Lost plays very good music. What is their different influences in music and generally in life? What is the secret lying beyond this melanchol... "
  • account_circleFady Nahas
" How often you feel like touching "something greater than you are" when on gig or thinking about the work you are doing or have done? "
  • account_circleAbraham Waris
" What are your favourite HORROR movies and horror movie soundtracks? "
  • account_circleMarlon Zero
" Which Paradise Lost gig will you never forget and why? "
  • account_circleJoep Dominicus
" Nicholas - what does Mrs Holmes think of the new one? And was she into metal when you first started dating? Greg - get your backside onto Twitter! "
  • account_circleMr Lovebucket
" Can you give us your present thoughts on a Symbol Of Life album? How was it working with Rhys Fulber for the first time and experimenting with darker ... "
  • account_circleJan & David
" Given the wide variety of styles the band has explored on their albums so far, is there anything else they'd like to try musically or or anything they... "
  • account_circleJames
" I've heard many fans say, "Paradise Lost are never going to make it back to the old days again" . So here we are,a GREAT album is out.It seems they ma... "
  • account_circleVaios Sven
" If you had to choose a movie, which one would better represent the band ? "
  • account_circleAdriano Souza
" What guitar amp have been used while recording "Symbol of life"? Was it something from Line 6? "
  • account_circleKarol Szcześniak
" How did you come up with the female vocals on the Gothic album? "
  • account_circleMicke "27" Andersson
" Inside of the VERY special edition for The Plague Within, Nick (is it Nick?) says that the two deathliest tracks on the album (Beneath Broken Earth & ... "
  • account_circleParadise Lost + Bloodbath + Vallenfyre = Musical Coitus
" You guys started with heavy growling in "Lost Paradise", then went more melodic on "Icon and "Draconian Times", added electronics with clean singing f... "
  • account_circleKaspars Lucey - Grinbergs
" Why did you leave Fear of Silence out of the album and is there a chance to hear it live during the tour? "
  • account_circleMira
" How about an acoustic gig or even a mini tour and or an mtv unplugged type album? "
  • account_circleAntti
" Hello, I first wanted to say great new album, it fucking kills. My question is, whatever happened to Matthew Archer and why hasn't he done anything si... "
  • account_circleMetal matt
" The band has changed its sound with pretty much every album in a very gradual way from the first album to "Host" and then slowly going back to its roo... "
  • account_circleDex Iliev
" Is there really "no hope in sight"? Or is it something we can hope for? "
  • account_circleHeller
" The plague within seams to touch on getting old hope this is not how you feel!! As I'm coming to see you for the 1st time in November at Liverpool bu... "
  • account_circleJohn holmes
" Besides your new, awesome album, which album of your discography would you say is your current favourite? "
  • account_circlePhil Hingerty
" Is there a chance to make some photos with the band and get the albums signed at the special Show in Bielefeld, Germany in August? "
  • account_circleSascha Scharnberg
" I saw you at rockavaria and now i am a big fan of paradise lost. You played right before babymetal so my question is: What is you opinion on them? Is ... "
  • account_circleLenny
" How long do you intend to keep recording and touring as Paradise Lost? (Hopefully forever, as the last few albums have been great!) Do you enjoy it mo... "
  • account_circleJames
" What advice would you give to new bands trying to build a career in music today? "
  • account_circleJames
" Hi there :) Always wanted to know if the idea of the name Paradise Lost originally came from, or if has anything to do with the music "Sorrow" from Pi... "
  • account_circleRichard Lopes
" Any Greek dates to promote Plague Within? "
  • account_circleGregory
" Hey guys, I loved "The Plague Within"! It's 5/5 in the last decade (2005 - 2015). A two-part question here: 1) Will you add more songs to your setl... "
  • account_circleJohn Savvidis
" Can you give any hints about who PL will be touring with this year? Tickets booked for London! "
  • account_circleJenn
" If draconian times and one second sold a million copies (did they?) Why didn't Steve ever got to by a porche he always wanted? "
  • account_circleAntti
" Imagine you had the opportunity to talk with the guys you were 25 years ago as you were recording "Frozen Illusion"...what would you say to them? ... "
  • account_circleAlexander Goehs
" How do You feel after so many years on stage as a band being such a big inspiration for other bands? An icon of whole dark/gothic metal scene? Keep u... "
  • account_circleMichael
" The new album is amazing - can't stop listening to it. I've loved the journey as a Paradise Lost fan from the early albums to now, though I wander mus... "
  • account_circleHaydn
" What are your favourite horror movie soundtracks? "
  • account_circleMarlon Zero
" What was the main inspiration to regain death metal elements on the new disk "
  • account_circleRaphael Arizio
" Greetings! What is the first song you ever performe on stage (each of you)? "
  • account_circleFofi
" Hey there fellow tykes:P Do you think you will ever sell your albums on digital format that is 24-BIT studio quality FLAC files? 16 BIT CD is so li... "
  • account_circleGilgamesh !
" Do you think you guys will ever tread back into the more synth-based rock a la Host? I am a huge fan of every Paradise Lost album, and just wondering ... "
  • account_circleCalvin
" What is Sweetness bside lyrically about ? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Hello, i only buy LP and i have most of your albums except belive in nothing, host,in requiem, and symbol of life do you think you gonna put on vinyl ... "
  • account_circlemario tardif
" If lovely Greg says "Hello" to me on the video, I`ll draw some funny pictures of PL :)Cheers from Russia! "
  • account_circleTanya Deepfire
" This one may seems a little out of context but here it goes. How do you remmember One Second (my favourite PL Album) now that you just released an alb... "
  • account_circleCarlos Jantarada
" When they came to Mexico, the flying circus, as they passed it, they may think that beer ... and return with the tour of the new album? Greetings from... "
  • account_circleMartín Uriel
" Have you ever written a song and never used it ? Or would you save it for another time ? "
  • account_circleRoman Chymycz
" Have you considered a signing session for Glasgow at all? I think it would be a great idea :) "
  • account_circleeleanor walker
" Hello, longtime fan here. Would you ever play at Maryland Deathfest and if you were able to, would you do a 25th anniversary tour for Gothic or Lost P... "
  • account_circleDaniel Hill
" Linernotes or any track-by-track comments you wanna give on the new album? Cheers "
  • account_circleKate
" Nick, what led you to come back to sing as in Gothic times on this album, it was a natural thing? "
  • account_circleAlcides Burn
" How do You feel, after almost 30 years on stage, as a band who being most influenced and still shaking the whole dark/doom metal scene? "
  • account_circleMichael
" I've noticed the trend of music in this day and age have members switch in and out like a revolving door. In your career and experience, what advice c... "
  • account_circleChris
" Did Steve piss you guys off or something cos he's hardly in the mix at all...? "
  • account_circlejack
" Are you disappointed that you have not headlined a British festival. If you had the opportunity which one would you prefer to headline above all other... "
  • account_circleRichie Hughes
" Is there ever a chance that we will see you play a gig back in Halifax in the near future? "
  • account_circleJames McPhillips
" After all these years, I never thought you would return to the growled-style of vocals. I'm just curious as to what caused you to go back to that styl... "
  • account_circleMatt
" BIN may well be the worst of your albums, and I've understood this being somewhat near of your own opinion also. Still, there's 2 extremely strong, ye... "
  • account_circleKasper
" you guys would record some type o negative music someday? "
  • account_circlesilvio
" I would like to know the meaning or what is it in the cd art from As I Die. "
  • account_circleDaniel
" Hello Aaron! I would like to know if you use to ride bike frequently :) Anyway, thank you, and all in PL, for the best music of my life! "
  • account_circleLuciano
" I did a T-shirt design for PL, do you want to see it, for a, maybe, next merch? "
  • account_circleRodrigo Bueno
" Obviously your music,sound and lyrics are at least inspiring, so what i'd like to point out here is all this BEAUTIFUL artwork that adorn your covers.... "
  • account_circlefani
" With your new album it seems like you've gone full circle.So are there any new elements in the type of metal that you prefer to play right now to add ... "
  • account_circleJandro
" Hey, there! Would you ever consider having a fan to participate of a PL's music video? Please, take me! "
  • account_circleIvie
" I have had the honor of seeing PL live but only was with Opeth and Arch Enemy....freaking incredible!!!!! Any plans for the states on the t... "
  • account_circleReggie
" Your song true belief, why two versions? Originally, the song was great but once it was redone, became a masterpiece!! Kudos on your perserverance! A ... "
  • account_circlejoe barrientos
" What Japan bonus tracks have you recorded/included during the years? Anything super rare that's not available in europe? "
  • account_circleMT
" Is paradise still lost when you reached the mid-forties? "
  • account_circleFab
" Will you guys do more songs like Flesh from Bone? Best PL song that I ever heard! "
  • account_circleAbreu
" What are the main differences between European and US crowds/fans when you tour? "
  • account_circleLord Gates/WCNI Metal Music Director, DJ
" Hi guys, what is the female voice singing on "An eternity of lies"?! I just cannot hear it and it sounds so wonderful, I wanns sing along! "
  • account_circleChristoph Körner
" I really love Aaron's guitar playing! How come you have not written any song since Draconian? "
  • account_circleMiguel Pérez Calderón
" When you were in the process of writing tracks for your new album,did it cross your mind that you will make a lot of 30-40 year olds cry? In the most ... "
  • account_circlePaulina
" For Nick and Aaron: since we are all big Morrissey fans, can you list your favorite solo albums and songs by him. "
  • account_circleJan & David
" Do you guys know when the concert you performed in Bulgaria is going to be released? "
  • account_circleMarco Diosdado
" I know it's up to local promoters but is there any chance to see paradise lost in istanbul again? "
  • account_circleAkin
" We all know, If paradise lost makes a cover, it's stronger and more beautiful than the original one. Will we have a chance to listen a record full of ... "
  • account_circleAkin
" Would you re-record Host to include guitars on the mix as the songs of that album when played live with guitars sound Awesome...? "
  • account_circleM3TALK0MMAND0
" Hello! First, it's important for me say it: you are my favorite band and always I've believed that your perfect name isn't Paradise Lost, if not "Para... "
  • account_circleAlice
" Which band of the three - PL, Vallenfyre or Bloodbath - is likely to have material ready for a new album next? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Are your wives familiar with your new album and Nicks old growling style ? Did he or any of you have to do any explanation? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Do you think coming back to Mexico soon? "
  • account_circlePapalou
" Nick: who's your favorite singer of death, black and thrash metal? "
  • account_circleNelson
" What`s your hobby? "
  • account_circlePatrick
" How do you combine being heavy metal artist and family fathers while out touring for long periods of time? "
  • account_circleChristian
" nick with all respect and love. i want to ask you a question... a question about greece and this tragic moment that we live right now. i know that you... "
  • account_circleMentoras
" One of my dreams is that you record a live show playing ICON complete. Is there any posibility? Cheers from Argentina! "
  • account_circleMariano Bg
" If you could record a song with a pop band, what would it be and why? "
  • account_circleFábio Braga
" Did you think about calling it quit after the major drawback you received following the release of Host? "
  • account_circleMarc
" What was your first electric guitar? "
  • account_circleWolf
" Greetings guys. About the Plovdiv concert DVD. Is it still going to be released in it's entirity (both parts with and without the orchetra)?.. and if ... "
  • account_circleCarlos Jantarada
" Can you picture yourselves a couple of years from now making a record that blends classic metal melancholy with greg leads all over the place guitar a... "
  • account_circleCarlos Jantarada
" Hello, I am an 18 years old musician, and I wanna ask you guys, what do you think that is most important as a musician to do in order to be successful... "
  • account_circleStarcz Raul
" Is there a Paradise lost song, that you've never actually played live? "
  • account_circleGilles Rawson
" When will you visit Venezuela on its international tours? Here we are a legion of fans looking forward to seeing them in direct for more than 20 y... "
  • account_circleAbelardo Da Silva
" given that you always have had special care with the packaging of your albums, why do you never include a digital booklet of some sort with the digita... "
  • account_circleindi
" Nick do you play any instruments during songwriting. "
  • account_circlemark richardson
" Hi guys... any plan to come to Turkey or UAE ? You have fans in this part of the world ... ;) ... I have been to Turkey the only time you came there a... "
  • account_circlePayam
" Hi Nick, are there any plans to play in South Africa? "
  • account_circleJohn
" When do you think you will start writing the new album ? Will you be feeling comfortable to use more death metal vocals on the future releases ? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" The first time I got into your music I was smoking marijuana and listening to Draconian Times. Do you guys smoke pot? In case of afirmative answer, do... "
  • account_circleIgor Carvalho
" I am from Yorkshire like your guys and grew up here listening to Shades of God and Icon. Has Yorkshire had any influence on your music and do you have... "
  • account_circleLiam Beeton
" I have enjoyed all of your drummers over the years and love Adrian's work. Why do you think that the drummer has been the only part of the line up tha... "
  • account_circleLiam Beeton
" Hi guys, it has been 17 years since you have come to Caen(France) are you planning to come back soon in town ? "
  • account_circleArnaud
" Hello from Greece! I am wondering! What music means for you? "
  • account_circleBessy
" Would you ever be tempted to do off the cuff pub gigs (the Victoria, Swindon) again? "
  • account_circleGraeme Parrington
" Do you ever fight on tour? "
  • account_circleAntti
" you guys think in the future to launch a more progressive and technical album with longer music like shades of god? "
  • account_circlesilvio
" I would to hear an out-&-out concept album from you guys, something tackling our current situation in the political handcart to hell! "
  • account_circleMike Cobley
" I would like to ask you what insires you the most! "
  • account_circleFofi
" Having played for so long. togheter, did you ever being close to splitting up the band and if so on what occasion? "
  • account_circleErik Linge
" Hi, greetings from Poland. My question is what you current use to play(especially question to Greg) and what you used to record Shades of God and how ... "
  • account_circleGrgamaet
" do you think you could reprise some tracks of your Host/believe in nothing period using your current doom/death metal sound? "
  • account_circlemad chris
" Hey guys! You've accomplished so much in your careers and you've in a way come full circle with the ACHINGLY badass "Plague Within" album. What was ... "
  • account_circleNicholas La Salla
" What is your favourite Morrissey album and why? "
  • account_circleAndrew Bennett
" Steve, do you ever feel that the bass should be a bit higher in the mix? "
  • account_circlebrendan
" Many critics and fans say you have come "full circle", with the latest album, going back to your more extreme metal roots, both for guitars than growl... "
  • account_circleJoas
" Would Greg like to share his Kemper profiles? "
  • account_circlesiesingrocks
" Hi, I'm a big fan. What was the motion of adding electronic elements in the PL music? "
  • account_circlematheus rabelo
" I would like to know the bands take on conspiracy theories? Please.... P.S. Been a fan for years. Another great album as usual guys, we'll done. Ca... "
  • account_circleLee Stockdale
" Do you ever pay any attention to, or are in any way influenced by, more extreme doom sub-genres - such as 'Funeral Doom' bands like Profetus, Disembow... "
  • account_circleTore
" Since bringing out your recent album, similar to older material from the earlier years. Do you plan on other future albums like this one? "
  • account_circleAndy (Andrew)
" I just have a simple question: When are you guys going to do a proper US headlining tour already? Please guys we need this, seriously!! "
  • account_circleEsteban
" when u come back in Romania with this new album ofc??? "
  • account_circleAdrian
" I very recently returned from Tuska Open Air in Helsinki - Finland, where I as a Yorkshireman have lived for six years, Bloodbath were blistering. on ... "
  • account_circleJai Stoker
" The Plague Within sounds like the entire career of Paradise Lost put together with phenomenal vocals and stellar musicianship, how conscious was the b... "
  • account_circleVamsi
" Are you coming back to Malta any time soon? "
  • account_circleDaniel
" Even if the new álbum is a return to the hardest and doomer sound, we can listen to the essence of the more melodic albums here, so what has been the ... "
  • account_circleTomás Chaveli
" For Nick, how do you come up with such vocal melodies? Where do you find your inspirations? "
  • account_circleTomás Chaveli
" Are you afraid of death? "
  • account_circleKurt A
" When are you coming to Skopje, Macedonia? A couple of years ago you were booked, but your flight got canceled do to the snow, you promised to return,... "
  • account_circleIvica
" Do you think your involvement with both Vallenfyre & Bloodbath has triggered you to go back go the "older" sound of PL or would the new album had soun... "
  • account_circleNick
" How would you describe your 30 years in music? What about the best and worst moments/memories? "
  • account_circleAZ
" When are you coming to San Diego Area to give a gig? Or maybe Tijuana ? Thanx in advance and thanx for the music !! "
  • account_circlehugaldo
" Hey Guys. Just wondering there were any plans for a New Zealand show/tour at some stage? I've been a fan for twenty years, would be awesome to finall... "
  • account_circleDean Hepburn
" What does a band have to do or contact with to have the honour to open one of a Paradise Lost's shows? Thanks! :D "
  • account_circleZeth
" Firstly, I want to say that I LOVED The Plague Within, and it became one of my favourite albuns for sure. Now, my question is: have you ever been inf... "
  • account_circleIsabela
" Nicks growling again and gregs doing the heavier thing in Vallenfyre...what's the chance of just writing an album if not with the slower style combing... "
  • account_circleChris Burton
" Are there still any songs left from the Plague album sessions that are still unreleased and left aside for any special edition release? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Was the new album understood and well received by the universe? Were your "marmite album" concerns unfounded ? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Any plans for doing some US shows again ? Your current musical style would would do the job of gaining new fans if you added Florida to the itinerary ... "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Playing live with differrent bands that you are now involved with, are you now at any risk of getting to drink more alcohol socially or does it depend... "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Do you ever smoke weed or have done it in the past? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Are your wives familiar with your new album and Nicks old growling style ? Did he or any of you have to do any explanation? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Where did you meet your significant others and do they have any nagging interest in what you do ? Do they know about your death metal projects ? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Greg, any future plans for going on social media? Are you still the most private and reclusive band member? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Do you ever download free music online ? The last time you bought a record and in what format ? CD,Mp3 etc. "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Greg, have you ever contributed to the PL lyrics or come up with any ideas for them? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Who is physically fitter in the band, Nick or Greg? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Is Nick still suffering from hypochondria ? "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" You're on the stage for more than 25 years. that's a very large step. how do you see Paradise Lost in 10 years from now?! "
  • account_circleNordgard
" What's your job beside being musicians? what are you doing when you're not doing band stuff? "
  • account_circleNordgard
" Nick, would you like to see Nicholas Cage as Jon Snow in the next GOT series? It's a serious question, btw "
  • account_circleGuadalupe
" What are your favourite videogames? "
  • account_circlePaul
" Will Paradise Lost visit Poland for example Cracow in 2015? "
  • account_circleKuba
" Why do you think people associate metal with a certain "metal image" so strongly? Looks great on alot of metalheads, but not on me! "
  • account_circleApril Ragsdell
" will you ever come to Bosnia & Herzegovina, Banja Luka or Sarajevo, would like to see you live, you're one of my favourite bands! :) "
  • account_circleAlex
" Which are the top three records which influenced the most Paradise Lost at the beginning? "
  • account_circleTsvetomir
" Cheers guys.Did your parents influence made possible PL,or PL was more like stand up against that parental role? What is your comment on: the world is... "
  • account_circlegeno gogh
" Greg has mentioned in an interview for the Polish Noise magazine he could not see past the band's 30th anniversary. Did he speak for the entire band? ... "
  • account_circleRemi
" Do you guys remember an appearance on a Finnish tv show Jyrki i&i back when your album Host was new...some Finnish dude called in and asked:who are yo... "
  • account_circleJuha Riihimäki
" After putting the songs together by Greg & Nick through exchanging song fragments & ideas (as described in interviews), how does the continuing proces... "
  • account_circleSick Tracy
" G'day guys - any plans to revisit any of the back catalogue and do some re-masters? A fan of yours posted a self-remastered version of "Shades of G... "
  • account_circleChris
" You guys have been around for awhile now. How would you say the changes within music technology have affected your music? How much do you feel that pr... "
  • account_circleMathieu
" Hi! Paradise lost is one of my favourites bands, and I want to ask: Would you have a tour in Ukraine? And if I made some fan art, or "custom" cover ar... "
  • account_circleStan
" Any ideas for uk tour support act yet "
  • account_circlepaul
" Is there any chance that we ever get a properly remastered /remixed/somehow revisited version of Icon? Being my favourite album, to me its sound produ... "
  • account_circleAlexi
" Hello Nick, hello Greg! I would like to know how you create the songs? I have heard that you are not jamming together as a band as in the beginning of... "
  • account_circleMarkus Ott
" Hi Nick. Why have you guys been so scarce on the African continent? Would be great to see you guys do some shows in South Africa!! "
  • account_circleWB
" Greg, who was your biggest influences on guitar growing up? Also, how do you go about writing songs, especially the guitar parts? "
  • account_circleWB
" I find that The Plague Within did not have an extensive promotion campaign in comparison to the other 2 recent albums. There have not been that many p... "
  • account_circleHypochondriac
" Have you ever noticed how much do you use the word "fool" in the lyrics of your first albums? "
  • account_circleMaria K
" I have enjoyed nearly all PL's incarnations, including the latest epic(my fave album being symbol of life). I love that you are not scared to experime... "
  • account_circlePete Haves
" Here's my current ultimate PL setlist. What do you think of it? ;) 1. Intro / Deadly Inner Sense 2. Dead Emotion 3. An Eternity of Lies 4. Sacr... "
  • account_circleParadise Lost + Bloodbath + Vallenfyre = Musical Coitus
" If either Nick or Greg turned to God, would PL still exist ? "
  • account_circlehypochondriac
" You've toured Australia before,are there any plans to make it over to New Zealand eventually? "
  • account_circleSamuel Keen
" What are your favourite 5 PL Albums ? "
  • account_circleMike
" Are there any plans to play a Yorkshire gig in 2015? "
  • account_circleLee Milner
" I already sent a question (about the name..)that someone has already given me the answer. Sorry that I am not the type of fan that knows everything ab... "
  • account_circleRichard Lopes
" Can the fans expect something really extra in the setlist on the upcoming tour? What about If the fans could have chance to vote on what songs should ... "
  • account_circleRobert
" Any plans to come to Vancouver, Canada? "
  • account_circleEddie
" when the orchestral show will be released? "
  • account_circlesilvio
" Each member, favourite PL song? "
  • account_circleOrlando
" Each member, favourite PL album? "
  • account_circleOrlando
" What do you think about each other:)? "
  • account_circleog
" I follow Paradise Lost since the release of Gothic EP and I have a huge respect that you always did YOUR thing and not followed a well known path. Thi... "
  • account_circleRalf Gatzen
" Best/worst PL gig and why? "
  • account_circleSteve Wallace
" i always wondering why there are lyrics for "Deus Misereatur" ? thank you. "
  • account_circlestole chionas
" is there any chance you'll add Israel to your upcoming tour in Europe? "
  • account_circleAvi
" in september 2014 why the concert from arenele romane in bucharest sound so bad???u dont like to sing live or in romania just? "
  • account_circleAdrian