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" The Plague Within, for me is your best album since Gothic. And that's not to say I haven't enjoyed A LOT of PL albums since that time - because I love all the PL doom albums from Lost Paradise through to Draconian Times, to In Requiem through to present (and not forgetting 'Over the Madness', which was the first doom metal PL song since 'Jaded'), but the sound on The Plague Within, is literally what I've been wanting from PL since I first got into them. I always thought Old Nick's growls were too good not to be considered, and likewise, so were his cleans, so it was logical for me to consider a version of PL where growls and cleans were both used as the perfect carnation of the band - and "Victim of the Past" showcases that dynamic perfectly... I love that there are songs with pure growls as well as those mixed now and so I ask, do you think that this will be the beginning of a new, more creative and powerful version of PL? Or simply a cocktease!? I honestly did not know where the songs were going the first time I listened to The Plague Within, the song structures were unique and nothing about it felt predictable -- and this is the first time I've said that about any musical album, in a LONG time. I believe that if PL continue in this vein, there's so much more that you guys can do to top yourselves (no suicidal pun intended). When Greg was talking about following up the Vallenfyre debut, I know he wanted to take each element of the first album and take them to their own extreme, so the doom was doomier and the filth was filtier. I hope PL do just the same for their next album. Do you see this as a possibility? (Damn, I write a lot....) :) x "

phonelink asked Jun 11th 2015 @ 12:31AM
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