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account_circleParadise Lost + Bloodbath + Vallenfyre = Musical Coitus question for Paradise Lost is

" Do you think that this new and improved PL sound and approach will inspire you guys to shake up your setlists? I've seen PL a few times and after the second time I was actually considering not seeing you guys live anymore! I felt that, as good as it will be on the whole, I just knew what was going to come and predictability in art annoys me. When we get to "One Second" and "Say Just Words" in the sets, I've started to dislike those songs not because they're bad, but because they're overplayed, and it's quite annoying because PL have so much great material to choose from and I started to wonder if you guys had much faith in your other stuff. Instead of closing with the same song, you could shock us and close with 'Paradise Lost' or something else that represents the band as a whole a lot better. Anyway, live I'm hoping for a few more Lost Paradise and Gothic songs, and from albums like Shades of God, In Requiem and Faith Divides Us (especially Faith Divides Us) I hope we get songs that are seldom / never played, ie. Daylight Torn, etc. Never for the Damned, etc. Frailty, Living With Scars, Universal Dream, Last Regret, etc. and also - Loneliness Remains! I feel like PL have new life within and so I see this shake up having an effect on the live show too - could this be? "

phonelink asked Jun 11th 2015 @ 12:51AM
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