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" You guys started with heavy growling in "Lost Paradise", then went more melodic on "Icon and "Draconian Times", added electronics with clean singing from "One Second" to "Symbol Of Life", starting from "Paradise Lost" to this album has been a climb back into heavy, more guitars, more harsh vocals and back to growls with the new album. If you look back, how were the choices made to play in such a different styles? Was that the choice by the band, like "lets experiment", let's follow some more "mainstream" music or did it happen just naturaly, did you guys just wrote more or less heavy because you naturaly wanted that? What influenced you most to go and try all those musical experiments? I love "Host", that was the furthest from metal you guys went, how does it feel, if you look back , any regrets making that album or you guys still love it? "

phonelink asked Jun 11th 2015 @ 02:54AM
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