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" Hi, guys! now i am trying to ask something interesting and untypical (just like your music are) about "Host", Russia and more. So, lets see how it works =) Do you really wish to do metal version of 'Host' one day? Greg told he wish to do it in 'Tragic Idol' era. 'Host' is brave enough (as brave as video for the great doomy 'Beneath Broken Earth'). Any chance to hear more acoustic songs from Paradise Lost in the future? And, in general, what would you do with Paradise Lost but still haven't done? The last thing I would to know its about your touring in Russia with PL - what is your finest\crazyst memoriable moment about our landscapes? Сheers for Vallenfyre and Grand Morbid Funeral! "

phonelink asked Jul 2nd 2015 @ 07:08PM
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