Ask Porter Robinson Anything

" Do you favour other music video games besides ‘Dance Revolution’, or are there any music video games you would like to try out when you come to Japan ... "
  • account_circleひなの【=◈︿◈=】
" What’s your favourite vocaloid sound? And have you ever used them in your music albums? "
  • account_circleMark Okami
" There are many different kinds of samples in your music, but what kind of samples do you prefer? Would it be an anime-like sample? Also, where/how d... "
  • account_circle大西 佑弥
" In what order do you create your music? Do you first come up with the lyrics or the rhythms? Does it suddenly hit you or do you spend hours trying to... "
  • account_circleMitsue Hasegawa
" What kind of souvenir would you like to buy in Japan? Who do you want to give it to? "
  • account_circlebucchiぶっち
" What's your older brother like? "
  • account_circleたちか氏
" Since when have you had that particular hairstyle? You look really great in it! "
  • account_circleのんちゃん
" You’ve been a DJ since you were 17 years old, but when exactly did you start being involved in the music field? What was your first instrument? "
  • account_circleNebraskan Kurikinton
" Have you ever thought of living in Japan, or buying a villa in Japan? "
  • account_circleひなの【=◈︿◈=】
" Please tell us an artist you highly recommend! And when are you planning to release your 3rd album? I can’t wait! "
  • account_circleNagi
" Hello! I’m a huge fan of you! You have many close friends who are also DJs but I would like to know how many you have, and out of all of them, who wo... "
  • account_circleRae
" I’m really looking forward to see you at Sonic Mania. What do you seek from the Japanese fans in order to make it a great show? "
  • account_circleヌルヌル
" Are there any Japanese musicians that you want to collaborate with? "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" I’m an 18 year old track maker, but I struggle to make sounds like professional track makers (for example, tones or mixing and mastering). Do you have... "
  • account_circle芝本圭吾
" I hear you’ve come to Japan in your personal time, but what part of Japan is attractive to you? "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" In Japan, you are often introduced as an “Ikemen DJ” (Hot Guy DJ) or as a “young noble man of EDM”. What do you think about that? "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" You have so many fans all over the world, but what do you think about Japanese fans? Please tell me if you want Japanese female fans to wear a costume... "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" The songs you’ve made are very unique, but what inspires you when you make music? "
  • account_circleよーいち
" How do you come up with ideas when you write songs? P.S. I love Porter Robinson "
  • account_circleMari
" I am 15 years old at the moment, but my dream is to become a producer like you and other producers. Can you give me advice about how I should start ou... "
  • account_circleRyuCat
" I heard that you like anime so much but what’s your favorite anime and why do you like it? By the way I like “One Piece” and “Attack on Titan”. And w... "
  • account_circleまーやん
" What is your favorite fashion brand? "
  • account_circleしげる
" "Spitfire" was your first release via Owsla. What was it like releasing your track through a renowned record label? "
  • account_circleおにぎり
" “100% in B**ch” was featured in the arcade game Dance Revolution. Which of your songs would you like to see featured in the next version? "
  • account_circleRae Iwabuchi
" Is there any emoji that you’ve been into using lately? "
  • account_circle| (• ◡•)|フィン| (• ◡•)|
" What’s your favorite Japanese anime song? I recommend a song called “Step” by Claris. And do you like me? "
  • account_circleなっしぃ 【=◈︿◈=】
" Out of the songs you've made, what song is your favorite? Are there any of your songs that you especially treasure? You’ll visit Osaka and Tokyo this ... "
  • account_circlemikuko【=◈︿◈=】
" Which of your songs do you want us to listen to most? I promise I will listen to it over and over again until I see you perform at Sonic Mania! "
  • account_circleろびんそん
" How did you come to like Japan? P.S. I love you. "
  • account_circleポロラ
" When you make music, what do you obsess about? "
  • account_circleこさきちゃん
" Thank you so much for also doing a headline show in Japan! I like your live style and I am proud that you love Japan. Before "Language", you used to m... "
  • account_circleミキ
" Do you have any favorite Japanese words or phrases? "
  • account_circleまなみ
" I’m very happy that you are coming to Japan for Summer Sonic! Do you like Japan? If so, what do you like about Japan? "
  • account_circleマサヒコ
" Thank you for visiting Japan again! Who’s your favorite EDM producer? And do you have any favorite Japanese artists? I am looking forward to seeing yo... "
  • account_circleはっしぃ【=◈︿◈=】
" What's the number one reason you value having connections with Japan? "
  • account_circleエイミー
" What kind of equipment do you use when creating your songs? "
  • account_circle大西 佑弥
" Which anime do you like the best? "
  • account_circleさとき
" I'm a great fan of yours, and I saw both you and deadmau5 has participated in these campaigns. What do you think of deadmau5's music? What do you th... "
  • Yuichi
" Unlike other DJs, you've played the drums and piano in your performances, but were you not afraid of trying out these new performances? How did you c... "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" Are you coming every month to perform, considering how you've been here in June, July and August? Even if you aren't please come to Japan and enjoy t... "
  • account_circlePorter Robinson JP/@PotaRobiJP
" Who's the artist singing, "I'm just trying to find what is important" in Japanese, in the song "Flicker"? Or is it from a machine? "
  • account_circleMari
" What's your favourite song and a song you feel most confident with? "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" You sometimes use Japanese in your songs and performances, but are you studying Japanese? Also, you've used a Japanese hash tag in your twitter accoun... "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" Have you ever had umeboshi/pickle Japanese apricot and natto/fermented soybean? If so, please tell me what you thought of them. If not, please give ... "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" Is there a restaurant or store you always go to when visiting Japan? "
  • account_circleエイミー
" Hey Dude, I know you have your own genre! your style. a special one. I would like to know where your ideas come from? And where do you start making m... "
  • account_circleAmin Talei (@amintalei)
" I'm looking forward to your upcoming song, but when will the next song be released? "
  • account_circlePorter Robinson JP/@PotaRobiJP
" Besides Japanese anime, do you like anything about the Japanese culture and character? "
  • account_circleひなの【=◈︿◈=】
" Will you be performing with Dillon Francis for the song "Spoon ü" in Sonic Mania? "
  • account_circle荒川 光太
" Will Dillon Francis be performing with you, for the song "Spoon ü" in Sonic Mania? "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" What are you thinking of when you are performing in a live show? "
  • account_circleるみ
" Who do you like the most in Japan? "
  • account_circleまっさー
" How do you feel about bootleg remixes done by fans? Do you ever listen to them? "
  • account_circleDaniel Bernas
" I heard you love Japanese games, but what is your most favourite Japanese game? "
  • Yuichi
" You use a lot of Japanese animation in your works, but what do you think is the appeal of Japanese animation? "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" What do you think about your third performance in Japan? "
  • account_circleMachuda/redgirl222
" Is it your first time in Japan? "
  • account_circledada
" Who's a Japanese DJ you are curious the most these days? "
  • account_circleれい
" There are many different kinds of samples in your music, but what kind of samples do you prefer? Would it be an anime-like sample? Also, where/how do ... "
  • account_circle大西 佑弥
" Do you also listen to other electronic artist's music, just like how deadmau5 does? "
  • account_circleTakashi
" Your poses are always so cute, including the nyan-nyan pose, but who do you get those ideas from? "
  • account_circleyoda
" Are you planning on releasing a "live" version of the Worlds productions? Or is there a possibility of a live DVD ever being released? "
  • account_circleJames
" What's the best music channel you recommend for a beginner who wants to start producing and creating music? "
  • account_circleTony.g
" Did you still play 3DS? And you have Regular 3DS or the New 3DS? "
  • account_circleJuan
" Do you find Japanese people shy? Do you talk about Japan with the DJs you are close with? If so, including you, what kind of impressions do you guys ... "
  • account_circleTOSHI
" Your last edit from ClariS was insane. But actually you saw the anime? And if yes, what do you think? BTW thanks for edit one of the best opening i've... "
  • account_circleTGM
" How do you live your private life? What are your hobbies? How much time do you need for your hobbies? "
  • account_circlezplit
" Do you think music that everyone in the world would love exists? "
  • account_circleこうた
" What would you do if you had a day off in Japan and you could do anything? "
  • account_circlebucchiぶっち
" Does traveling around the world and doing live shows stress you a lot? "
  • account_circleJosh