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RIDE最新アルバム『OX4 - The Best of RIDE』が好評発売中!詳しくはこちら!
" When I discovered RIDE's music, you were no longer active. How do you feel about more young people listening to RIDE? "
  • account_circleShin
" I am really looking forward to seeing you at Fuji Rock. Since first forming and now reforming, what has changed about the band, and what things are st... "
  • account_circleedagoki
" I love the song called 1000 miles. Is there some special story behind that song? Might you play it on stage? "
  • account_circlehiro
" Are there any Japanese bands or artists you guys know and especially like? "
  • account_circleバナナメロン
" Steve, while the other members of the band were playing in other projects, what were you up to? I heard a rumor that you were running your own shop? H... "
  • account_circleHi
" I love all of RIDE's songs, but I especially love a song called VAPOUR TRAIL. Because I really want to play that song myself, I've watched you play it... "
  • account_circleマッシュ
" After you guys decided to reform RIDE, what was the song you guys first played together? "
  • account_circleDie-pyon
" Comparing when you first got together to now, what have you come to put the most emphasis on when you play your songs? If there is a difference, are t... "
  • account_circleLEUI
" Towards the end of this year, you are planning an extensive world tour. Even after you're finished, do you think you'll continue to tour regularly? ... "
  • account_circleチーズ
" It seems like there are many talented young bands in the UK music scene. Among them, is there any bands you like or bands that you guys are paying par... "
  • account_circlegaku
" Do you have any plans to make a documentary film of RIDE or a live album ? Personally, even if you just put out unreleased songs and a compilation of... "
  • account_circleRIDEforever2015
" Looking at recent set lists, most of the songs you guys plays are from your 1st and 2nd albums, and there are no songs from the 3rd album. Are you pla... "
  • account_circlefrapan
" Andy, when you were in Beady Eye, I remember you put a sticker of Ride's album called TARANTULA on your guitar. I wonder if that means that some idea ... "
  • account_circleDeepInsideMyPocket
" Around the time you released NOWHERE, I remember you guys saying you couldn't bear to watch the rock music scene die. So what do you think of the curr... "
  • account_circleAkira
" I hope I can visit Oxford one day! Are there any places you recommend to visit and what are your favorite places there? "
  • account_circlemax
" I really love the vocal harmony between Mark and Andy. How do you work on creating these beautiful harmonies? "
  • account_circleyukari
" How does it feel playing songs you made quite a while ago? Does it stir up memories of your pasts? Or does it makes you feel something new due to the ... "
  • account_circle内田創太
" I heard that when the band broke up, there was conflict due to a difference of opinion, however your friendship seems to have persevered. Is there som... "
  • account_circleyurie
" What has been the best show you guys played since reforming? And which shows are you most looking forward to playing? "
  • account_circleage
" Andy, how do you make your instagram feed feel so psychedelic? Could you tell me how you process the photos because I'd like to try it too! "
  • account_circleReiyahead
" Andy, which effector or equipments are you using? What would be your ideal sound? "
  • account_circleなまこ
" I adore the beauty created by Andy and Mark's harmony now, after undergone many hardships. After overcoming them, I believe they've created this matu... "
  • account_circle
" Please share with us a funny, interesting episode of Liam Gallagher! "
  • account_circleまゆちん
" I'd like to know the correct translation for the song "Seagull", since the translation made back then was incorrect. "
  • account_circleたか
" What's a music you guys have been listening to lately? "
  • account_circleたか
" Are you guys creating new songs? Are there any plans for a new album? What kind of style would the new songs be? "
  • account_circleKazuhiro
" Do you like curry? "
  • account_circleさおり
" Does anything from Japan interest the four of you-such as music, books, culture, etc? If there's a place that stood out or impressed you guys the mos... "
  • account_circlekana
" What would be Ride's favourite Japanese food? "
  • account_circle
" Which songs, musician, or band is Ride interested in lately? "
  • account_circleAYUMI
" Has any songs or bands inspired you when creating one of your songs? "
  • account_circle氏家 敬和
" Is Mark going to use his Rickenbacker 330 for this tour? "
  • account_circleたか
" Andy, who's a player besides the Arsenal that you like? Steve, who's a player you like besides Tottenham? Mark and Laurence, who's your favourite fo... "
  • account_circle長谷川
" There are many football fans in the band, but who are you guys a fan of? In Oxford there's the Oxford United but are you all supporting a particular ... "
  • account_circleJunko
" Dear Loz, I saw your twitter account's profile page previously and I've been wondering which graduate school did you get your doctoral degree at? Wha... "
  • account_circleymmot
" Which song is the most exciting song to perform? "
  • account_circleDominoes
" Where would you all want to visit, or what would you all like to do when visiting Japan? "
  • account_circlewesker4728
" I'm looking forward to your show!! What's your favourite movie? "
  • account_circlelinus1989
" Hey Andy, it's going to be your 4th time performing in Fuji Rock but how do you feel about that? Has anything changed? And is performing in Fuji Roc... "
  • account_circleてっしー
" I'm very very excited that you guys have come back together! What do you guys aim for in the next 10 years? "
  • account_circleHisako
" Andy, who's a player besides the Arsenal that you like? Steve, who's a player you like besides Tottenham? Mark and Laurence, who's your favourite fo... "
  • account_circle長谷川
" What kind of town is Oxford? "
  • account_circley-o
" This is a question for Andy and Mark. When was the first time you had a guitar, and what kind was it? Do you remember which song you played? Do you... "
  • account_circleのぶ和尚