Ask Armin van Buuren Anything | Presented by Your EDM

" New album, new logo, new webpage, new haircut and new AO SHIRT (I'll miss that one) why sooo many changes all of the sudden? "
  • Zaida Meyer
" After the birth of your children and the release of Intense, you said in some interviews "I don't have time to fool around in the studio anymore" what... "
  • Zaida Meyer
" For you, what makes a true fan? "
  • Deneb Anais
" Hey Armin! Why does trance sound so different now days in comparison to 90's and 2000's trance? "
  • Vincent Nguyen
" What is your favorite video game right now? How you spend your free time and are you planning a vinyl set for AO Embrace Sofia by any chance? Mirosl... "
  • account_circleMiroslav Aleksandrov
" How do you feel and how do you answer when some people tell you that you are leaving trance music? "
  • Josue Ronaldo
" Hi Armin. Hope you're well. I have a curiosity: which is your greatest fear? Did you had moments when you wanna give up or moments when you feel faded... "
  • account_circleDana
" Dear Armin, I was always wondering why fame didn't spoil you, didn't make you arrogant. I think that's because of your passion for music. That is what... "
  • Marianna
" What do you do when you have a bad day ? "
  • Małgorzata Młynarczyk
" Would you consider doing a Vinyl classics tour? How do you feel about Classics sets? "
  • Richard Rodriguez
" Did you ever experience nerves before gigs back in your early days? And how did you get over it if so? Your stage presence and confidence is really in... "
  • account_circleLiam Cannon
" Why did you decide to release the more ‘’classic’’ Trance tunes under your Gaia or Rising Star alias, and not as Armin van Buuren? Is it because you w... "
  • Jesse Trommel
" HOW IMPORTANT ADE IS FOR YOU ? How do you see the platform as an ARTIST / SPEAKER ? "
" Instead of The Netherlands.. which place would you like to live the rest of your days? Greetings from Segovia, Spain KING!! "
  • account_circleSebasss.232
" What has been your toughest challenge in your career? "
  • Jason Barros
" what happend between you and tiesto? and no say nothing! "
  • Facundo Torres
" Hi Armin, when did you realize that being a DJ would be what you wanted to do for the rest of your life? Thank you so much for taking that decision. G... "
  • Sybil Haro Palacios
" Do you read all the mails that you get in ARMIN@ASTATEOFTRANCE.COM ? "
" Hi Armin. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it? With love your biggest romanian fan. Can't wait to see y... "
  • Ruxandra Maria Udrea
" who is your present favourite Edm producer and why........ "
  • Sai Karthik
" What is your favourite festival for playing? "
  • Nicole Fera
" Armin, when so many other DJ's felt they needed to change with the times, what made you decide to stay with your original genre, Trance? Also, did you... "
  • Grace Landers
" What is your favorite team on Euro 2016? :D "
  • Boglarka
" what is your inspiration to make a new song? "
  • Samy Kausch
" Will you release your "Dominator" Remix? "
  • Christian Pérez
" Is the Armin Only Embrace Tour coming to Brazil? "
  • Pedro Gabriel
" When you will visit Ukraine? "
  • Armin Fan
" Are you coming to Brazil this year?? "
  • Raiane Reis
" when you will go back to argentina? "
  • Samy Kausch
" When can we expect You in India Next ? Would you be bringing GAIA in India ? "
" Hello Armin! Will you be coming in France one day so we are able to see you live? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" will asot come to indonesia or taiwan? we need you Armin! "
  • Alfons Sunanda
" Hey, Armin! Will there be a AO-Embrace show in Germany too? "
  • account_circlesarah.springer
" What happened to your tour in Australia? Will we get to see the embrace tour or not? "
  • John Marshall
" Any possibilities to Armin Only Embrace tour coming to Brazil?? "
  • Natalia Costa
" When Embrace will come to Kiev??? Waiting so much "
  • Max Polishchuk
" Hello namaste come to india Armin.......wanna step into state of trance "
  • Sai Karthik
" Will Embrace tour coming Malasia or Singapore? "
  • account_circleXiaoYE
" Will you spin on Ultra Japan this year? "
  • account_circleXiaoYE
" Is there going to be a UK tour and any remote chance it'll be available to go if I'm 16? "
  • account_circlejjhoney.josh
" Will you come in Algeria? "
  • account_circleblingshark
" When will you come to Italy? We are waiting for you and your great music! "
  • Stefano
" wil you bring ASOT to Ecuador? "
  • Esteban Flores
" When are you going to Ukraine ? "
  • Ilya Tutko
" Why don't you come to Parookaville? You were there last year.. :/ "
  • Balázs Koncz
" We need ASOT in Bangkok, Thailand. any chance? "
  • account_circleThanadon
" Armin when you come to Mexico in October Would you come over to my state in Queretaro? regards "
  • Martha Amëzquita
" Armin thinks back to Chile this year or the other in Armin Only Embrace or UMF Chile? #ArminWeMissYouInChile #GreetingsGodfatherOfTrance "
  • Valeska López
" Hey Armin! Slovakia needs you, will you come to us with AO Embrace? "
  • Szabi Lajka
" When you come to Slovenia? I want to meet and see you, before I die (my dream). "
  • Alen Bukovec
" Hi Armin my name is Jessica i would like to ask you , would you be coming to the uk or ireland with your Armin only tour "
  • account_circleJessica
" Armada night comes to be helding in Japan, and I'm soooo glad. Japanease fans are dreams of holding in ASOT! Have you plan it? "
  • account_circleake3kuro
" I want to Embrace you ArminOnly at Sofia Bulgaria "
  • Krasimira Aldinova Parvanova
" when do you come in Romania with AO embrace? "
  • State Liviu
" Hello Armin, when you come to Mexico open an opportunity to get to know us? "
  • account_circleAlejandro
" ARMIN ONLY EMBRACE will come to Taiwan? "
  • Liang Yi Wang
" Armin! Do you have a plan to organize Armin Only Embrace show in Almaty, Kazakhstan? "
  • Amir Mukhametgalin
" Will you come to Taiwan in this year? "
  • Melody Hsieh
" Hello Armin ! When you come to Ukraine? We are looking forward to. "
  • account_circletheQubiX
" when do you come to Argentina? "
  • account_circlemicaela
" Hello Armin !!! When Armin Only Embrace be held in Kiev "
  • Serge Podsypannikov
" Any possibilities to see Armin in Algeria?? "
  • Sidou Tijs Houbad
" Планируеться ли A State Of Trance In Kyiv? "
  • Demian Rota
" Will you come back to France ? We miss you ! "
  • Romain Pasquiet
  • Dario
" Will You come again to Poland next year? :-) or in the future? "
  • account_circleAgula
" When you come back tô Brazil? "
  • Vanessa Santana
" Hi Armin! My name is Junia from Brazil! When you will come back to São Paulo? Love you!!! "
  • Junia Miyazaki
" When you have thought back to Argentina? "
  • account_circleDario Fernandez
" Armin when you come to Mexico in October Would you come over to my state in Queretaro? regards "
  • Martha Amëzquita
" Will you every come to Scotland uk "
  • account_circleOliver
" When you return to Argentina,return with Armin Only or with Asot? "
  • account_circleDario Fernandez
" When you come back tô Brazil? I miss you! "
  • Vanessa Santana
" Hi Armin :) When you come back to Poland? I hope not another 4 years :P I waiting for another great event and picture with you. Your music is my life... "
  • Ania Makowska
" When you gonna come to Morocco ? and what is your favorite song? "
  • account_circleSunRise
" will you have tour in japan? "
  • 我謝流仁摩
" Heyy Armiiinn "
  • Vili Atanasova
" You return to Israel? "
  • account_circlemichael
" Armin, you would make a ASOT in BRAZIL in a few years? I think I'm being too optimistic "
  • Bruno Bertoldo Ramos
" Armin are You looking forward to visit Poland next year? Polish people want to show You lots of love and some great atmosphere again! "
  • Jakub Więcek
" Do you ever think about coming to egypt ? "
  • Eslam Mohamed
" When are you coming to Argentina? "
  • Ema Carp Cvm
" Hello Armin!! ♥ Please tell me... When do you go back to Argentina? You know that here you have a good crazy public, he awaits you. We need someone li... "
  • Roxi Casanova
" Where do you think Trance is heading in the near future ? Let's say this year or next year "
  • Samuel Ferreira-Silva
" Armin Hello ! What would you say to a person not to give up trying to fulfill a dream before the adversities of life , whether work, school, etc. Re... "
  • Deneb Anais
" Will you play at Luminosity in near future? "
  • account_circleSasha
" will you release an other Universal Religion chapter '8' this Year? "
  • account_circleTalbi Said
" USB flash drive is present or future for dj's? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" Where I can found your 12 hours set? And share with us your extended sets please :) "
  • account_circletrancegirl
" Why did you stop playing trance? "
  • André Cavalcante Dos Santos
" Armin, did you speak with Paul van Dyk after that incident in Utrecht? In his recent interview he explained his falling like "i stepped on something w... "
  • bluegirlUkraine
" What perfume is your favorite?) "
  • Yana Vyalykh
" Soon you will release "Again" under ur Rising Star alias included Andrew Rayel and your remix. Original Mix of "Again" exist? And it'll be released? "
  • Michał Rybacki
" Tell us about collabs with Andy Blueman, Aly & Fila, Deadmau5, MaRLo, Christina Novelli, Roxanne Emery. What of them is really? "
  • account_circleIgor
" Jaguar is gift? or you buy it? :) "
  • account_circleIgi
" Why did you decide refused from expedition on space? "
  • account_circleEDM
" Twitter or Facebook? :) "
  • account_circleIgor
" Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? :) "
  • account_circleIgor
" How many hours you sleep? "
  • account_circletrancegirl
" Do you have Android devices? "
  • account_circletrancegirl
" Share with us with ASOT visuals and animations "
  • account_circleTranceroot
" Why you don't use the Myo Armband? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" Most coolest dance movements? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" Would you ever collab with Aly & Fila or Bryan Kearney ? "
  • account_circleJavierRonaldo
" Hey Armin this track Jean Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren – Stardust (Rising Star Remix) will be released? "
  • account_circleAlexander
" Where is your favorite place to chill? "
  • Boglarka
" It is true that Tiesto going to play in A State Of Trance 800 Miami? "
  • account_circleDario Fernandez
" Hi Armin) whats about GAIA Album? When you will be finished it? Because The World Of Gaia Is The World of my Soul) "
  • account_circleDennis Shaparenko
" What is the biggest Screw up you had on your show ? Technical Faults or promoter issues ! Name it anything apart from - Paul van Dyk at ASOT 750 UTREC... "
" Please give us videostreams from other stages no just from Mainstage on ASOT Events. 1-2 cam is enough. "
  • account_circleSasha
" What about Mashup Special? So many really nice mashups. Maybe for free :) "
  • account_circleIvan
" Fenna with you on stage :) So pretty and cool :) "
  • account_circletrancegirl
" Where is trance from producer Armin van Buuren (non Rising Star and Gaia)? "
  • account_circleTranceroot
" Where is ASOT SpaceCadets? Why you to decide refused from this conception? "
  • account_circleIVI
" Will there be GAIA at ASOT 800 in Uetrecht ? "
  • Max Ruso-Hoffmann
" You will soon release a new track from GAIA? "
  • Armin Fan
" Why you don't take a part on AH.FM Marathones like 'End of Year Countdown' and 'Year Massive Anniversary'? "
  • account_circleEFTR
" What do you think about russian dj's and producers. Also about trance scene in Russia? "
  • account_circleEzov
" Psy-trance on TOP. What is your opinion? "
  • account_circlePsyBoy
" FSOE 450 soon. Do you glad that not just ASOT radioshow reach this number and make celebrations? "
  • account_circleFSOEFan
" Sophie Sugar is back soon what do you think about her? "
  • account_circleTranceIVI
" What do you think about Roman Messer and Denis Kenzo? Rising stars from Russia :) "
  • account_circleIvan
" Last videogame did you played? "
  • account_circleTRANCEGAMER
" When will be next WAO138 episode? "
  • account_circleIvan15
" It's possible female state again on ASOT? "
  • account_circleSasha
" What is your ringtone? "
  • account_circleSasha
" Heineken or Amstel? #tbt from 2009 with Bobina :) "
  • account_circleSasha
" Do you have power to reach 1000 episodes of ASOT? "
  • account_circleSasha
" Universal Religion Chapter 8? And why'd you stop releasing ASOT anniversary albums? I know working on embrace took a lot of studio time but all of us ... "
  • account_circleTranceTranceRevolution
" Tell us about your daily ;) "
  • account_circleIvan
" Tune of the year so far? "
  • account_circleIvan
" Trap is new yours root? "
  • account_circleIvan
" ASOT had 2 black spots: drugs incident on ASOT 700 Sydney and Paul van Dyk's fall. It's very frustrated :( "
  • account_circleIvan
" Do you have palns about 7th album? "
  • account_circleIvan
" 'Old Skool' album what is it? "
  • account_circleIgor
" Venues in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhnyi Novgorod, Sochi. You have a wish arrive a tour in biggest country? :) "
  • account_circleIgor
" First trance track? "
  • account_circleIgor
" trance from techno? or trance from Goa? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" Say it again: what is trance? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" Most memorable day? Most memorable venue? Most memorable crowd? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" Gouryella, Rising Star what next? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" 1-2 trance tracks in your set at Flying Dutch and Ultra Korea, ok. Trance goodbye! x "
  • account_circletrc
" Why just a few gigs in Ibiza? "
  • account_circletrc
" More q&a sessions like this! "
  • account_circletrc
" Results of DJ MAG not important for you already? Trancepodium results more important? "
  • account_circletrc
" Rebrending A State Of Sundays please and not just for America. A State Of Sundays section on site not updated. Give us ASOS exclusives and more countr... "
  • account_circletrc
" Do you like Formula 1? You want to visit the grand prix in paddock? Max Verstappen's won the first race for Reb Bull Racing Team. Did you glad? Becaus... "
  • account_circletrancegirl
" Where I can found A State Of Trance with maximally quality (320 kbps)? "
  • account_circletrancegirl
" Favorite sports for watching and for work-out? "
  • account_circleIgi
" Do you like endurance racing like 24 hrs Le Mans? or maybe rally? :) "
  • account_circleIgi
" Last year on ASOT 700 in Mumbai you was predicted Champions League Final. Barcelona won 3 1 Juventus. You predicted score 3 1 :) Give more predictions... "
  • account_circleIgi
" Where I can found full results Tune of the year poll with all votes? "
  • account_circleIgi
" Coca-cola or pepsi? "
  • account_circleIgi
" Why labels choose the Remixers not the author? "
  • account_circleTranceroot
" Why you decide rebrending of your logo? Because of the Embrace design? "
  • account_circleTranceroot
" Scientists have discovered a human brain special electromagnetic waves, which are responsible for peace and relaxation. They also noted,that the best ... "
  • account_circleTranceroot
" Long time you told in an interview that you have a Dream of making An Ambient Album , Would that ever be happening ? "
" A few years ago , you had a project with Tiësto called Alibi . There are plans to resume this project ? I really would love to see it again "
  • account_circleRafael
" What is your personal top 3 songs and artist throughout time "
  • Daniel Helgevold Hens
" You recently did Skydiving with your staff for FREEFALL video ! Did you enjoy it ? Would you like to do it again with one of your fans ? "
" Hello Armin! When will You release your collab with MarLo? "
  • account_circleTyjohn
" When will be next ASOT 750 Date? "
  • account_circleTranceagent17
" You will play exclusive trance set on 23rd of July on Alfa Future People in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. It's truth? "
  • account_circletrc
" Will there be a new A State of Trance Classics (vol 11) album? "
  • account_circleDJ Play
" Hey Armin! What is going on with vocal credits in "Old Skool". There is your name! At which part of this track we can hear your voice :D ? "
  • Izabela Pankanin
" Do you have plans for episode 777? Yulia, Ukraine "
  • bluegirlUkraine
" What is your inspiration to work harder "
  • Ankit Patel
" Can u do a collab with TIESTO ? Please invite him for the next ASOT800 ? "
  • Ahmed Kchaou
" Do u plan to make a special GAIA album ? "
  • Ahmed Kchaou
" Hey Armin! Why does trance sound so different now days in comparison to 90's and 2000's trance? "
  • Vincent Nguyen
" What was your first motivation to create your song Virtual Friend? "
  • Fernando Torreblanca
" Tiesto and you have plan in Asot 800? "
  • Alexander Silva
" Would work again with tiesto? "
  • Samii Ramirez
" What do you think about Avicii's retirement? "
  • Naima Jackson
" Will you consider making a retro show? Like play all your old school Trance songs i.e. Serenity, Sail, Status excess D .... "
  • account_circleemadhn
" Do you like David Guetta ? :D "
  • Karol Różalski
" What is your inspiration for everyday? "
  • account_circleClaivett
" Please make more trance tracks with female vocals :) "
  • account_circleGirli
" Would you make a competition for upcoming Trance Vocalists, and choose one winner to have one song collab with you? "
  • account_circleSandra Chad
" Are you planning on producing a tech/psy track? Lately those styles are popular around the trance scene. Maybe you are interested to collaborate with ... "
  • account_circleZil12
" You are a father. What do you hope for your children in terms of their own careers? "
  • account_circleChrisJ
" Why do you play the same in all your sets? "
  • Misha Nedilskyi
" Why don't you play trance in your live sets anymore? "
  • account_circleCeaze
" Hi Armin! Can I buy a EMBRACE jacket when you wore AO Embrace world tour? I really want it!! That is so cool! "
  • Paimin
" Hello Armin. Could you make songs like Orbion or Mirage. "
  • account_circleTrance4ever
" As you see the future of trance in the coming years ? "
  • account_circleDaKsA
" Any advice for upcoming music producers ? "
  • Myat Thet Kyaw
" Hi Armin, How would I go about getting a job working for you picking tunes for your show? Also make a smashing cupa. "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" If I send my demo without mastering to armada for release, if this demo suitable, Did they master the track, or I must master it by myself? Thanks "
  • Sohail Dailami
" Will You Release an Other “Universal Religion Chapter 8” this Year?? "
  • account_circleAla Mbarki
" What i have to do for chance to win a ticket for Armin Only? What is the chance to win a ticket from you? "
  • Denica
" Where can we drop demo for ARMIND RECORDS ? Would you be doing a Masterclass in english & Stream it ? "
" Hey Armin, What are the simple things in life that you love? Also will you be adding more embrace world tour dates? "
  • Vicky Jardine
" What is the venue on the 1st of July? Armin van Buuren / Bkwrhs / 07.01.16. Secret party :) You will play hard trance? :) "
  • account_circleezF
" 16 years ago I left your track with Tiesto - Alibi. Would you like to write another work together? :) "
  • Сергей Култыгин
" I am a Barman . My Dreams Working With You. You Wanna Help Me ? "
  • Iılıllı Fikret Aygün Iılıllı
" Why did you have a Haircut before beginning ASOT 750 TOUR ? "
" Why did you abandon trance music with your Embrace album? "
  • account_circleDo You Even Uplift
" How many demos do you really, or your crew at armada office, listen? I've sent an email for second time now, and still no answer...? You never know w... "
  • account_circleHardWorker
" Armin, will you marry me? "
  • Juliana Bueno
" What's your favorite country outside your own country? ;-) "
  • Cédric
" Hey Armin why has Holland always been such a huge place for electronic music? Do you think this trend is set to continue? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" Why you stopped giveaways via radioshow? Please make more giveaways not just from radioshow ;) "
  • account_circleezF
" You always look like a calm and sunny guy, but what is a thing that makes you really angry ? Much love from your italian fan. "
  • account_circleStefano
" Where is your favorite place to chill? "
  • Boglarka
" what football team do you support? "
  • goagoa
" Hi Armin! I like your new album, especially track Embrace. Will you do a remix comp in the future or Armada Trice acapella giveaway? And want to ask y... "
  • account_circleDavid
" Hello Armin, I'm Yusra from India. I wanted to ask you this one question.What makes you so passionate towards your music? Something specific or you ju... "
  • Yusra Yasin
" Is that true that you're gonna release gaia album soon? "
  • Tiara Syifa
" Can you organise more videostreams live from ASOT Studio? On usually episodes, specials or celebrations. "
  • account_circleEFTR
" Though DJ MAG is just a magazine trying to sell its products by fluctuating Artist positions ! Do you think that it effects the Artist Career wise ? "
" Hi Armin, seeing as you are both a producer and a DJ, how are you taking care of your ears having to play loud concerts often? "
  • Joseph Gamache
" I heard you and Tiesto had a disagreement? Is there any truth in this? What in your opinion is the best way to settle your differences? "
  • account_circlelinz
" Can you make a collab with Photographer? "
  • account_circleEzov
" Hey Armin, my name is Juan Pablo, i'm from Oaxaca, México, i've been producing electronic music since 2002, i feel like i'm going nowhere with it, do ... "
  • account_circleJuan Pablo Galguera
" how i can apply to AmadaMusic ? will you listen to my sample,if i send it to you ? "
  • Kampanart Narongkul
" Will the classic trance sound ever return to Armin Only? "
  • account_circledcster
" Hi Armin i am wondering is there any news about Gaia album? "
  • Billy
" i want to become an edm artist but i dont know what to do and from where to start pls armin help me in this "
  • Aman Sharma
" When they announced the upcoming tour of ASOT 800, and the lineup with ?, Tiesto returns to the old school. You're the best armin. No. 1 DJmag 2016 "
  • Csarr Daniel
" Wat is het beste advies om je eigen sound te ontwikkelen en te waarderen? "
  • account_circleNoah
" Hey Armin, I have been listening and supporting you for more than 10 years. I understand that you get a lot of inquires to come and have a gig in d... "
  • Oleg Boreiša
" Will you meet my mom the next time you're in DC @ Echostage? "
  • Zack Wilezol
" Would you ever collab with the Swedish Hardstyle Producers Wasted Penguinz into a mix style?? "
  • Az
" What still pushes you to make music to this day? You've had such a long career, and I find it hard to find motivation especially for such a long time... "
  • Husam Zug
" What kind of workout do you prefer ? Running, swimming or maybe something else ? "
  • Adam Lewicki
" hello namaste from India come to india plzzzz cool dominator remic "
  • Sai Karthik
" Hallo armin... How will you celebrate your next birthday? "
  • Ranna GY
" Hello Armin! I am big ASOT Fan as everyone here...And I have my private collection of A State Of Trance...All episodes from 000 to 770 is normal 2 hou... "
  • account_circleFox
" Hi Armin, my question is, When Embrace (The Remixes) will come put?, especially the Arston Remix of Gotta Be Love, cheers from Mexico!! :D "
  • Issa Emmanuel Morales Gonzalez
" What is your favourite country to play in? are there any specific countries where the crowd is better than others? "
  • account_circleDanishHouseGuy
" Hi Armin! I running your Japan fan account in Twitter →@AvB_JP Please to follow If you think you are good if. I was from a look at the live at your ... "
  • Paimin
" You come to Ultra Brazil? "
  • account_circleana carolina
" Worst show you ever played and why? "
  • Mobby
" Hi Armin! Are you going to do a signing session in Sofia, Bulgaria as a part of AO Embrace tour? If yes, when and where will signing session be? Look... "
  • account_circleDarja
" Hey Armin! Canada loves you... Would you bring 'A State Of Trance' one day to Canada? "
  • account_circleSandra Chad
" Hi Armin I love you Me name is moshit fisher from lsrael Which is your favorite track When you get to Israel When you enough to spend time with the... "
  • account_circleMoshit
" So Armin, you have been playing gigs in Lebanon since 2005, what is the most thing that you love or inspired youu in Lebanon? Anything not only just m... "
  • account_circleAhmad Shams
" First Armin im a huge fan of you since your first album, When are you coming to venezuela? "
  • Pedro Enrique Guerrero Briceño
" Hello, Armin. Have you been a huge fan of Vinyl records? "
  • account_circleBartosz Dembowski
" I know you had a very bad experience visiting Colombia for the armin only intense tour.. is that experience going to stop you to come again to Colombi... "
  • Juanse Mantilla Quintero
" Hallo Armin, wanneer kom je weer thuis? We missen je❤️. En wat doe je als je als 45 jarige, zo'n grote fan bent, alle muziek van jou grijs draait, maa... "
  • account_circleMarco
" Was it weird when you got big in the edm musical scene? "
  • Austin Williams
" hey armin ...will there be any collaborations with you and tiesto in the making songs together... "
  • account_circledarshan
" Also I would like to send u an email but I did before n u never replied. Would u reply to my email if I send u another one? My email ends with "rose@l... "
  • account_circleNora TFK
" Where are you right now? At home? Can your wife send a greet? This question is for her: What's your favorite song by Armin? Regards from Mexico :) "
  • Bernardo Figueroa
" Can you share the story behind your [Freefall] music video shooting? I'll be indeed surprised if Armin walk in and make such announcement if I were a ... "
  • account_circleshaun
" This year @ digital dreams in Toronto Canada will you play your old song shivers? "
  • account_circleTyler
" What's your favourite place to travel to for leisure time? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" Why don't you never play an original version of your songs ? Such as "Old Skool" or "Stong Ones", I think they could have a massive impact on the crow... "
  • account_circleStefano
" Can you be at the same time, the DJ and the public ? "
  • Bryan Garcia
" What does your music mean to you? "
  • IndigoPryncess34
" Armin, whats your all time favorite venue? And why? Boston misses you!!! "
  • Elton da Silva
" Hey Armin! Huge fan since your first album 76 :D Quick question, when will you be touring India again?? Eagerly awaiting to Embrace it :) "
  • Er Sarangh
" Do you happen to do sport? "
  • account_circleantons
" Can you imagine to do a show with classic trance tunes only? "
  • account_circledcster
  • account_circleMiriam Noelia
" There seems to be a massive demand for your vinyl sets lately. Any chance we'll see an extended version of that in the future? "
  • account_circledcster
" When will you continue with Universal Religion? "
  • account_circledcster
" Armin what you love the most, besides music? And whether the new album will be in the next year? "
  • Сергей Култыгин
" Hi Armin i'm realiy big fan my question is if you can start doing vlogs on youtube like you done on Facebook recently? Cheers. "
  • account_circleDerose
" Hello Armin,My name is Denica ,and my question is :What is the feeling to jump out of un airplain "
  • Denica
" Hello Armin ,did you know that your wife is like SUPERMAN she takes care of your children and in the same time she is next to you !? Did you know that... "
  • Denica
" What do you think about this one "
  • David Bak
" what is the last record you got "
  • account_circlefabio
" armin can you shoot a video in india new delhi "
  • Rohit Mor
" who give you the inspiration to be a dj "
  • account_circlevivekkumar
" Why did you choose to include Bulgaria in the tour ? "
  • NW Makaveli
" when you discover you liked EDM and dedicate to be a professional DJ? thanks so much "
  • Ángel Serantes
" Hi Armin! Will do you do any remix for your song "Looking for your name"? It is so beautiful that I will use it in my weeding dance "
  • account_circleLuisetemc
" Could you explain us the process of how do you choose the tracks that will go to Armind or WAO138 from all the tracks Armada picks? I hope I explained... "
  • account_circleRafa Montejo
" Hello Armin van Buuren here is my question.Would you collab with KSHMR?? "
  • Shaardhool Shreenath
" What is the ultimate plug in for a starting producer? "
  • account_circleJako
" Do you listen to Happy Hardcore or old 90's rave music ? "
  • account_circleSOINLOVE
" Do you listen to Happy Hardcore or 90's rave music? "
  • account_circleSOINLOVE
" Having been a part of Armada once, one dream came true. Seeing you in Stockholm Nov -15, another one. Now, one thing left: producing a song that will ... "
  • account_circleAndreas
" What makes you happy? "
  • account_circleMaartje
" What do you like to do the most, producing music or DJing? "
  • account_circleounnichan
" I have high expectations for your bk wrhs set. Can I expect a vintage armin vibe? Thanks! "
  • account_circleAndrwhite610
" Do you have any trance tune(s) coming up? Would love it :) "
  • account_circleTheodor12345
" Do you love Balaton? "
  • Boglarka
" how important is style for a dj? "
  • Mobby
" whos your favorite artist alive or dead? "
  • Mobby
" How long will you continue to perform? Can you see yourself playing when you are 65? "
  • Mobby
" Is there a question you always wanted to be asked but never did? "
  • Mobby
" do you have any heroes who arent musicians? "
  • Mobby
" Whats the worst travel experience of your life? "
  • Mobby
" What keeps you going every day? What's your advice to people who want to become successful like you? "
  • account_circleSuzy
" Hi from Mariupol!) Помогите пожалуйста! ((( Что мне надо сделать что бы мой трек Interval от играл на вашем радио шоу?!) Очень, очень надо! ((( "
  • account_circleAlex De Voult
" Have you ever collaborated with Tiesto? "
  • account_circleMario Gomez
" Hi Armin, I just wanted to know how long it takes to get a response from Armada, whether they reject the demo or decide to release it? "
  • account_circleDYNØ
" Are you coming to Toronto? If so, are you able to lend me some tickets (give me a break I am only 16)? "
  • Tevin Froese
" I am a 16 year old producer - what is some advice you can give young producers like me when it comes to finding your own unique sound? "
  • Tevin Froese
" I love your work and your music. You are my role model. Where should i start DJ-ing and become a DJ as great as you are ? I would love to meet you and... "
  • Danny Pk
" What inspires you in your work and in your life?when will you come again to Bucharest? "
  • MIha Sarbu
" How do you generally process your vocals? "
  • account_circleFidotheDestroyer
" How did u start up in how did u become noticed??...also release music tutorials of like fl studio or whatever software you use cauz ppl l... "
  • Chris Lewis
" Hi Armin, how does someone get a track they produced listened to by you? "
  • Paul Ashton
" What does your family think of your music? "
  • goagoa
" Hey, Is there by any chance you return with Armin Only Embrace in the Netherlands or Belgium soon? and are there any suprises with new up coming songs... "
  • account_circleEsDi
" Whats the biggest difference for you between the 20 year old trackmaker Armin and the pushing 40 year old trackmaker Armin? "
  • goagoa
" Can you please Sing "Happy Birthday Arpit Chaturvedi(Cha tur ve di) Happy Birthday to you" for my husband please? He is a huge fan of yours and its hi... "
  • Rashmi Dubey
" what do you think about the current state of the electronic music scene? "
  • goagoa
" Hi Armin, U are our Favoraite! Can I ask you a favor to record "Happy Birthday Arpit" I want to gift this on my husband's birthday as a surprise. Plea... "
  • account_circlerashmi
" How do you take out time from music for law, since you're also a qualified advocate! "
  • account_circleMayur.Narang
" whats the once piece of equipment that you could not live without? "
  • goagoa
" Are you planning to visit and come to UK again next year to Manchester? Im absolutely in love with you and your music and would love to see you again... "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" whats the best nightclub you ever played in? "
  • goagoa
" Hi Armin, what made you decide to become a DJ? Since you wanted your career a lawyer. "
  • Isabel Gutierrez
" Armin, I began to listen to you with 6 years I am now 18 years old I have a question for you Will the collaboration of Gaia and Gouryella? "
  • Nikolay Kobelev
" How do you balance being the one and only Armin Van Buuren with having a family. It must be difficult. "
  • Brian Gruening
" I am 22, do i have a chance at touring the world by 30 ? if i start learning now ? "
  • Agape Charity
" Hello, Armin! Will the show Armin ONLY in St. Petersburg? "
  • Denis Gromov
" If i am 22 and i start making edm, do u think its possible for me to learn it ? "
  • Agape Charity
" What is your favorite motivation quote? "
  • Boglarka
" Armin vB :) I already made my question, but I really need to say this: Today (June 17th in Peru) is my birthday, so please say Happy Birthday todo me!... "
  • Sybil Haro Palacios
" Hello Armin. Your Nye in Zagreb was lit. Amazing without a doubt. My question is, can you, pretty please, give a shout-out to my friend.? He is such a... "
  • Bastian Kobler
" Can my girlfriend and I get tickets for your upcoming show? :) Hehe "
  • account_circlePinksocks
" What are your tips against jetlag? "
  • Cédric
" Would You ever Collab with the Swedish Hardstyle producers Wasted Penguinz into a mix style song??? "
  • Az
" Hello, Armin . I want to ask. What has been your best moment in the scene TRANCE ? "
  • Angel Cruz
" Hi Armin, when i requested a classic track in asot 715 for the first time ever from Lebanon, what did the first thing that came into your mind ? "
  • account_circleAhmad Shams
" Hi Armin! I like your new album, especially track Embrace. Will you do a remix comp in the future or Armada Trice acapella giveaway? And want to ask y... "
  • account_circleDavid
" How I can be a DJ as you? and how I can play tracks in a tomorrowland with you? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" What is your favourite meal? "
  • account_circleBartosz Dembowski
" How I can be a professional DJ as you? And how i can play tracks in a Tomorrowland? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" how I can be a dj in Tomorrowland? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hey Armin do you have a new collab with Hardwell? :) what about KSHMR? "
  • Mostafa Hosseini
" If you could have any chance to do a remix music for a video game, what would it be? "
  • Tiara Syifa
" Hey Armin. Would u follow me on Instagram?=D "
  • account_circleNora TFK
" Where did you get ideas for some of your biggest tracks. Examples like Communication, In and Out of Love and Sound of the Drums "
  • Brett Easter
" how to become a crew at armin only embarace singapore "
  • account_circleAdibalkaff
" Hey Armin, who is your favorite Star Wars character? "
  • account_circleAdrian Alexandru
" Are you going to collab with Hardwell again? "
  • account_circleEDM-is-Life TV
" Hey Armin, have you considered the idea of making an entire episode with the classics, played in ASOT throughout the years? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hello Armin, are you coming to Italy with the AO Embrace ? Thank you "
  • Manuel Comanducci
" Hello, dear Armin! I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your work and the love. You changed my life. I wanted to ask you a strange question. Wh... "
  • account_circleMaria
" Are there any things you worry about in terms of future generations? "
  • account_circleChrisJ
" What would a starting dj have to do regarding to music and to be famous? Any tip? "
  • account_circleRicardo
" What would a starting dj have to do regarding to music and to be famous? Any tip? "
  • account_circleRicardo
" Who are the Dutch DJs we should be paying close attention to now? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" My wife loves your music, and we are flying to Arizona to see you live July 2, any chance you can set us up backstage for a song or 2? "
  • account_circleGarygmoney
" I have great djing skills, but still, i dont get to play anywere. do i have to make some public relations or be straightforward and go ask for a job? "
  • account_circleNick
" Hey Armin, i was wondering if you are planning sometime to visit Greece ? Despite the problems we have i think this country needs someone like you ... "
  • Dimitris Dedes
" ¿there any chance to hear issues such as ... ¨sail¨ ¨serenity¨ ¨shivers¨ ¨Rush Hour¨ ¨Control Freak¨ ¨Birth og an Angel¨ ¨Communication¨ etc? "
  • Sebastian Ramirez
" Do you enjoy hardstyle? If so which artist do u listen the most? "
  • account_circleJuhhku
" The EDM as genre of art today, not only in trance but in various genres of electronic music... could say that the future trends or because of certain ... "
  • Axel Di Lavigne
" What has been the pinnacle of your career so far? Do you feel like you have much left to do and if so what? "
  • account_circlekidchamo
" What do you think when you composse a new track??? can you send a greeting for me? thanks "
  • Jesus Castro
" My name is Brok3n Cor3 and i wanted to ask if we could collab? "
  • Matt Whaley
" I want to know what song you dedicate to me? "
  • Gabrielle Roveri
" how's your feeling to become a DJ? "
  • Theresa Abbygail
" Not really a question but a compliment ! Thanks for Bringing the Embrace Tour to Dubai ! Was My second time seeing you live after the F1 at Abu Dhabi ... "
  • Shrinath Sharma
" Why don't you make psytrance? "
  • Sebastian Roberts
" congratulation for your new unique show armin only embrace my question is : are you going to perform an armin only embrace show in morocco ? "
  • Houssam Biadi
" Today you are a major influence and idol of many young people who dream of being dj The World. And his Armin? Who are your youth idols favorito? "
  • Susane Mendes
" You have project back with ASOT Festival in Brasil soon? "
  • Susane Mendes
" I've had releases on ASOT-friendly labels but never got air time in my fav :( Is it possible that my new track will be heard for a release su... "
  • Alex Plummet
" what's your favourite restaurant in canada? "
  • Ani Hajderaj
  • Aldo Moro
" I want to make a career in producing music, but I don't play any instruments. What advice do you give to a young beginner? "
  • Clara Enriquez
" Hey Armin! I know you like this website, but you should also take a look at FanDate, its an app on phone and it allows you to directly interact with y... "
  • Max Elfrink
" Will we ever see Armin van Buuren return to the clubs for massive marathon sets? "
  • account_circledcster
" Any chance of ALDA throwing new trance parties? Like a WOA138 event? "
  • account_circledcster
" Is thete any chance for a Rising Star or Gaia album? "
  • account_circledcster
" Hey Armin, you're one of my heroes, thanks for taking the time with all of these. My questions to you are; what is your favourite self-produced song? ... "
  • account_circleMark
" Could you imagine to extend an ASOT event to two days? Like doing the Utrecht show on two nights? That'd be massive! "
  • account_circledcster
" Hello Armin, is there a German Armada team? Any vacancies available there? :-))) "
  • account_circledcster
" which has been your great emotion that you lived in a mainstage ? greetings from Chile saludos saludos :) "
  • Nicolas Avendaño
" which has been your great emotion that you lived in a mainstage ? greetings from Chile saludos saludos saludos :) "
  • Nicolas Avendaño
" How would you recommend an artist to get out his music and get noticed in the highly competitive EDM market? "
  • Reise Campbell
" I want to Embrace you ArminOnly at Sofia Bulgaria "
  • Krasimira Aldinova Parvanova
" Collab with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike? "
  • Eryk Stepek
" Do you need to hear a song a few times to know that you love it? is someone helping you to choose songs to ASOT radio show?... its a lot... "
  • Ronit Ornan
" Which is your the best song in your opinion? ( you are the best ) "
  • account_circlegio.kalandadze
" What do you think of that has left the Trance Tiesto to devote himself to "produce" EDM more "commercial"? "
  • Joaquin Ampuero Eslava
" hi armin what music did you most enjoy growing up "
  • account_circlefabio
" Why did you bring back Rising Star? "
  • account_circlejimboooosimpsons
" what kind of car do you drive "
  • account_circlefabio
" What do you think Arnej's comments about the current scene of Trance? "
  • account_circlejimboooosimpsons
" Was there ever a Original Mix of Again? If so release it please?! "
  • account_circlejimboooosimpsons
" Why do you think Tiesto has started playing more trance in his sets? "
  • account_circlejimboooosimpsons
" Which was your first audio interface? "
  • account_circleRobert T.
" Will you ever go back to your 'older' style? "
  • account_circlejimboooosimpsons
" What was an inspiration for adding a trumpet to Your track? That was simply brilliant,magic and so sentimental!!! :) "
  • Michał Klein
" Armin , if i told you cause your music saved my life , do you think me ? It`s possible to make a track with you "
  • Ron Hewitt
" Do You want to colaborate with Simon O'Shine? This guy is from Poland,so as I :) And he's making a nice epic trance :) This colaboration will be per... "
  • Michał Klein
" which software do you use to make trance on a laptop "
  • account_circlevivekkumar
" Could a new version of Blue Fear be made in 2017 to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the track that was the breakthrough for your career. "
  • account_circleOliver E Foreman
" I just complete my track...if you like it ,you should collab with strange producer ? "
  • account_circleCapron
" Will your remix of IIse De Lange – The Great Escape from 2006 have a release or is it too late. "
  • account_circleOliver E Foreman
" Now that Rising Star has returned could a return for Perpetuous Dreamer be on the cards in the near future. "
  • account_circleOliver E Foreman
" What made you & Deadmau5 decide to give up on that Twitter collaboration from 3 years ago presumably called "Let Them Know". "
  • account_circleOliver E Foreman
" Hi Armin! Maybe you've heard that a lot of your fans wanted exactly those version of Gaia's "In Principio" which was played on UMF 2014?? Can you te... "
  • Владимир Петрович
" Everyone knows that trance is dead in these days . trance become bigroom. how you will see trance in next years ? "
  • account_circleEhsan
" I think you & Jochen Miller should do a track together as a tribute to Benno De Goeij. "
  • account_circleOliver E Foreman
" Do you think there will be a Dutch Referendum on the European Union now the UK is set to leave. "
  • account_circleOliver E Foreman
" Will your Armin in Mexico mix of Zocalo from ASOT 600 Mexico City get a release? "
  • account_circleOliver E Foreman
" hey Armin "
  • account_circleEmilia Matyas
" Would like to see in your next album a track with a great vocalist Theo Hutchcraft. How do you think, this is possible? ;) "
  • Yana Vyalykh
" Would like to see in your next album a track with a great vocalist Theo Hutchcraft. How do you think, this is possible? ;) "
  • Yana Vyalykh
" Hi Armin, do you have (on vinyl, CD or somewhere else) the first episode of ASOT? I'd like to listen it "
  • account_circleAlexandra
" When will we expect another Rayel collab? "
  • Arjun Ramprasad
" Can you invite Axwell and Ingresso for next year Asot 850 Miami maybe? Let's see if they can make some trance "
  • account_circleHopewell
" Hello Armin , when are you gonna give some info about the tracks you are playing at your Armin Only show .... Im personaly in love with the track tha... "
  • Vladimir Terziiski
" As wants to be remembered in the future by your fans? What is you legancy in the genere of trance? Thank you for the great work an... "
  • Valeska López
" Hello Armin !!! When Armin Only Embrace be held in Kiev "
  • Serge Podsypannikov
" Hello, Armin Van Buuren! Hello from Russia! Thanks ARMINFORUM.RU - I want to ask a question. Are you will return to the genre TRANCE? :) I will be gla... "
  • account_circleRomanOnly
" Can I request a song for digital dreams "
  • Matty Cousineau
" Why not make songs like Mirage? "
  • account_circleTrance4ever
" Hi, Armin! When will Armada release remix of your track from 76 album:"Precious (Mike Saint-Jules Remix)"? "
  • Ronald Dak
" What has made you move away from the sort of beautiful tranquil sounds from your earlier albums? Without being too rude, your new album seems quite un... "
  • account_circleMrDurden93
" Why do you think producers now these days feel like they need to appeal to the younger and up coming crowds by switching genres instead of going throu... "
  • Fortino Mendoza
" Hi Armin! I follow U since 15 years,everywhere, everytime! U R amazing "
  • account_circleMaryJane
" When you think about the performance in Moscow, what associations you have with this city or people who are waiting for you there? "
  • Lesya Molchanova
" What was the first equipment that you used in the production of music? "
  • Jerry XD
" Best tips for producing trance music? "
  • Dylan Cataldo
" What was the first equipment that you used in the production of music? "
  • Jerry XD
" Who is the voice on the ASOT intro's and other voice overs? "
  • account_circlepaul_b
" What exactly is done on the stage with all the knobs and dials during a show? Sometimes it looks like you just stand with a finger on the knob but not... "
  • account_circlepaul_b
" Heelo ! Will you make a Gaia album and the world tour after Embrace album? "
  • Анна Маилова
" Armin, why you never show the pictures of your kids to your facebook fans? We would love to see them! "
  • Анна Маилова
" Please tell us about Hardstyle remix of Brute that had been played on Armin only intense. And Armin What do you think to Hardstyle? "
  • account_circleRyutaTanabe
" Armin, can you make a new video of : An year with Armin van Buuren? "
  • Анна Маилова
" Did you make in what intention set list of Ultra Japan 2015 ? "
  • account_circleRyutaTanabe
" Hi Armin!! This is Margaret S. in Seattle, Washington USA I was wondering, how do you go about choosing the designs on your fantastic covers of you... "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Armin and you did not think about moving in the style of uplifting trance? For now, this style is very progressive. And whether the new remixes of sim... "
  • Сергей Култыгин
" Is there any other DJ you are jealous of and why? "
  • Mobby
" Whats the quickest you ever put together a track? "
  • Mobby
" How many children do you have? "
  • Mobby
" Hey Armin Van Burren! If you had to choose another producing/DJ name what would it be? "
  • Wyatt Stevenson
" I am very big fan sou.tha like to ask why not come in athens for a big show a state of trance, you have many admirers in GREECE "
  • Nontas Drakopoulos
" Best places to visit in Holland? "
  • Mobby
" When will you resturn to Sweden? You killed at summerburst!! Also, will you release your dominator remix? "
  • Erik Rudin
" Name a track that you wish you had written! "
  • Mobby
" Hey Armin !! The last Armin Only Show visited Romania. Will you bring Embrace to Romania? (pretty pleaseeeee :D) "
  • Vlaaaaad
" First of all I want you to know that I'm your #1 mexican fan, no matter what other fans must say.. I'm your #1 hahaha "
  • LizMora32
" I just got kick out of your show in Tomorrowland Brasil. Why don't you come to Ultra Brasil Music Festival 2016? Many brazilians are looking forward t... "
  • Guilherme Cunha
" how you come on the alias Gaia "
  • Mike de Leeuw
" Where will ASOT800 be? Please choose Cape Town,South Africa "
  • Dhanusha Dhoorgalu
" To the best of your knowledge, is there anyone signed to Armada (or the sublabels) that knows how Fourier Transforms work? "
  • account_circledjcataract
" Hi Armin. I'm coming to your show in 13th of may in Amsterdam and I really want to meet you personally. How can I meet you? Thank you. Dana "
  • account_circleDana
" When it comes to the sale the remix of Dominator? "
  • account_circleDario Fernandez
" What started your career? Much love bro :) "
  • Andre Sciberras
" why did you become DJ? "
  • Gen Kikugawa
" How to make a remix? "
  • account_circleDaan
" Hi Armin. When you come back to Poland? I hope not another 4 years :P I waiting for another great event and picture with you. Your music is my life xx... "
  • Ania Makowska
" When would be the next Tour Armin only at the ziggo dome in Amsterdam Where would I get more ambiance, Utrecht or Amsterdam "
  • account_circleArmin the DJ legend
" Hi Armin i am really Exitet over your New Album and new Remixes my Son & me Asota Music stay by Electric Love Festival please can we you meet and Phot... "
  • Andreas Zechmeister
" Of all those great and awesome tracks you have made through time, wicth one is your own favorite? "
  • account_circleDjDalle
" hey armin when can we have a chance to hear some old trance mix's on your ASOT i mena like DJ Push with the song Universal Nation...that was a good ... "
  • Blue Andrew
" can we drink a beer together sometime? :D "
  • Jordan Herrera
" What kind of show will the brkwrhs be. Open to close ?We have had a great armin set In NYC since roseland 2011 "
  • Justin Miller
" Any possibilities to Armin Only Embrace tour coming to Croatia? We need YOU! That will be great! "
  • account_circleSilvia
" Hi Armin, You will come to Balatonsound Festival soon. I would like to ask for an autograph and take a selfie with you. Is it possible before or after... "
  • Athinker
" hey Armin, any remix competitions for upcoming producers that you wanna host for one of your songs? That would be cool :). "
  • account_circlethegreatmtlpoutine
" Hi, Armin Come To Nepal Also Sometime To Drop Some Beats.... "
  • Pema Sherpa
" What sets you apart from all the other DJs? "
  • Isiah Cisneros
" Armin hello You will return to South America ( Bolivia ) at some point in your upcoming tours? and what is your favorite song produced throughout your... "
  • Jashiro Hayakawa
" Hello Armin. Do u have plans about making new Merchandise? I would like to have some sick AvB Merch! Btw i will see u at Airbeat One this year and i ... "
  • Tobias K
" What are the basic tools that a novice producer should have? "
  • Matt A. Ponce
" hello armin , Why not still with trance music ? :D ------ Greetings from Peru "
  • Dennis Efrain Asot Rivera Quispe
" Where do you see the music scene moving to from here. Do you think trance will stand the time or do you think something new will take over like dub s... "
  • Tim Flumpy Smith
" if you were to organise glastonbury who would you book as the main act? "
  • goagoa
" If you were 80 years old looking back on your life what advice do you think you would give yourself? "
  • goagoa
" Hi Armin ! Will do you do any remix of your song "Looking for your name"? It is so beautiful that I will play it in my wedding dance "
  • account_circleLuisetemc
" would you like your children to follow in your footsteps? "
  • goagoa
" Why don't you come to Pakistan if you can go to India or Indonesia or many other Asian countries? Also when will you launch your Chillout Music album? "
  • Muhammad Ali
" will you have tour in japan? "
  • 我謝流仁摩
" would you ever play smaller intimate shows again over the larger events you do? "
  • goagoa
" ¿A qué edad te empezaste a interesar en la música y a qué edad decidiste que la música electrónica era lo tuyo? "
  • Saul Se
" Hello,Armin! I'm a huge fan of yours.How did you become successful? Are there any steps? "
  • Claudia
" If you'll have a chance of bringing the ASOT here to the Trance Family Pakistan in the future, will you do that? And When you'll be dropping Universal... "
  • Mohib Ullah
" Hi Armin I love you ❤️ I am moshit fisher from lsrael Which is your favorite track When you get to Israel When you enough to spend time with the fami... "
  • account_circleMoshit
" Are you coming to Heineken party in Pattaya, Thailand? "
  • Art Kasemwut
" Do you like David Guetta ? :D "
  • Karol Różalski
" While work continued at Embrace album ? "
  • Karol Różalski
" Hey Armin! I am an active producer & DJ & I want to know the process of being signed under the label as an artist and being managed? And I have sent m... "
  • AlenImagine
" Hello Armin ! Do you think make a new ''Gaia'' album with Benno de Goeij ? We miss you :) "
  • Ozan Gün
" What is the top 5 things that make a song sounding good when you're making a song from scratch with your DAW of choice'? Much love Armin! Peace! "
  • account_circleKnut
" Can you pls follow me on twitter? and Do you think someday to tour Mexico ? "
  • itsarantza_
" Hello Armin! How can you get to work on the promoter? (Armada) "
  • Serge Podsypannikov
" What kind of set can we expect at your Brooklyn warehouse event? "
  • account_circlenk786
" Why do we still hear the intro ASOT Anthem "Together"? Should not it be "I'm In A State Of Trance" that ASOT 750 Anthem? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" When are you coming to Argentina? "
  • Ema Carp Cvm
" Which trance tracks do you love most, nowadays trance tracks or the old trance tracks ? "
  • Omar Magdy
" Will you do a collab with above & beyond? "
  • Tanner Wilfong
" When will you release a new single ? "
  • Daan Huis
" Hello the king of trance and ofc my favorite Dj/producer, I have a question about your tours..Primarily would you ever come to Serbia (for example on ... "
  • Luka Petković
" Hello Armin, I'm Yusra from India. I wanted to ask you this one question.What makes you so passionate towards your music? Something specific or you ju... "
  • Yusra Yasin
" There will be an armin only embrace in madrid? and again to make sets more melodics at festivals? Your music from now does not reach the soul as befor... "
  • Enrique Domingo
" Hi Armin. For the first time of my life I'll visit the Amsterdam Music Festival to see you live on stage and enjoy your music. Can you please tell me ... "
  • account_circleConny
" Hi Mr. Armin . did you see in instagram #car_house_music? "
  • Ahmed Abouelfetouh
" When you come back to visit Guatemala? We would like you to come with AOEmbrace. Thanks for your music, my Number One DJ. Blessings :o) "
  • Azucena Ovalle
" Do you remember the guy you wanted to share a Twix with him on Armin Only Embrace Gdańsk? "
  • Kamil Brust
" Do you remember the guy you wanted to share a twix with him on Armin Only Embrace Gdańsk? "
  • Kamil Brust
" What gets you inspired to make new and different track "
  • Brett Easter
" hi dont know if you remember me from so many years ago. My names Chris Hurst you played in Groningen and there was only a few people there. Maybe 3 i... "
  • account_circleChris
" Got any tips for those wanting to get started producing trance tracks? Equipment? Guides? Tutorials? Internet communities? "
  • Helder Pinto
" Hi~Armin.Could you come to China at 1 October?I'm your chinese fan.I'm looking forward to watching your show,XD "
  • Armin Harris
" Hey Armin do you like THE Xbox one or ps4 "
  • account_circleVincent verstegen
" Will there be an after movie for ASOTNL750? I thought maybe bcuz of what happened to PVD there's no movie yet. Is that the reason? It was my first tim... "
  • account_circleNora TFK
" is there any one person that will continue your legacy? There is countless fans all around the globe, how does one simply meet you? "
  • Cassim Mansoor Dawood
" Thank you for the answer, that means a lot to me, the very understanding that my perception of you is right, I still can't believe that's for real :) ... "
  • Marianna