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" Hello Armin! I am big ASOT Fan as everyone here...And I have my private collection of A State Of Trance...All episodes from 000 to 770 is normal 2 hours episodes...(exept XXL) BUT The only one EPISODE 020 troubling my heart for allmost 8 years...For that time I looked all over internet,torents and forums...everywhere is the only One part...It was broadcasting Armin live set from Scanners (Dordrecht), The Netherlands from 27-10-2001...In a official site said that it was 2 hour set... So I try to find Fresh Prinse (He is the biggest FAN and father of ASOT and this forum) for a year I search to contact with him...Yesterday hi answered me... Quote On 2001-November-01 when episode 20 was suppose to be aired for 2 hours they only played 1 hour. There is no 2nd hour.But this was never corrected on Armin's website. This is because Armin used to update the playlists himself and had probably forgotten about it or didn't have time to fix it. That is why it says it's 2 hours set on ASOT website. It's a copy/paste from his original website and it was obviously never fixed. You may still navigate to the original site through So I began to believe that it was 1 hour set BUT soon I found in This official Armin Site (2001 year) That it was 2 hour and exactly time of it (27 October 2001, 24.00- 02.00 Scanners, Dordrecht, NL) For now two questions storming my head: 1. Second part Of ASOT 020 (live set) was newer broadcast? 2. There was no second hour? So The Only Men Who can Bring Peace In My heart Is Armin himself...I Understand That It Is Impossible...But with You support I think We Find The Answer from Armin Himself...(ASOT 800 is perfect opportunity to rebroadcast episode 020) Until now we never find FULL A STATE OF TRANCE!!! Friends You is my Last Hope....Lets Be As One! Wish you All the best! Fox "

phonelink asked Jul 6th 2016 @ 04:41AM
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I will cross my fingers and hope Armin answer me.