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" What is your favorite place to chill? "
  • Boglarka
" Hi Armin!Do you have any plan after The Best of Armin Only? "
  • account_circleMarco Qin
" Will you release a new track with Hardwell? I mean about the ID that you played last Tomorrowland (31:06) and he also played at Ultra Miami 2016. I'm... "
  • account_circleMichael Lima
" What is your favorite song of all times? "
  • Tamar Hazan
" Do you have any tips for layering synths? "
  • Dylan Cataldo
" What's in your pockets when you perform at Armin Only? Pockets are always full with something.... "
  • Yulia Bluegirl
" Hi Armin! It’s me, Margaret Schlamp here in Seattle, Washington, USA. “I Need You” is my most favorite love song. How did your concept of “I Need You”... "
  • GrdinaSeaWA
" Will be more Armin Only shows in the future? I mean after Embrace tour. "
  • Boglarka
" Armin,groeten uit buurland Belgie!Would you consider making a vocal trance track with your brother?He made a solo album,he sings,but up to now he only... "
  • account_circleCleopater
" What is the progress on the Gaia album? When will we hear more Gaia!!? "
  • account_circledante145281
" If you had magic powers, what would you change in this world? FYI your music has magic powers! "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" When you voted for the best DJ last summer (or if you had to vote in case you didn't), which other names did you include in addition to yours? "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" Your favourite cuisine? "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" How's Armada playing a role in the changing music distribution space? With the multiple opportunities new technologies are presenting, have you though... "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" The best gift you got from a fan? "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" When you're performing and looking at your audience, do you recognise faces of some fans? :-) "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" When you're in the studio, want to produce something and are missing inspiration, what would you do? "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" Which trance track do you want people not familiar with trance to listen to? Many of my friends who do not listen to trance ask me to send them my fav... "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" When you produce a new track, who's the first person to listen to it? "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" Armin, when can we expect your next album? "
  • Dmitry Cooper
" Hey Armin! Huge fan and fellow trance artist! I'd like to know how the A&R team works at Armada on the basis of from when they receive the song, to it... "
  • account_circleSaahil Karmally
" Hi Armin I'm Manuel from Italy ...when will you come to Italy ? Trance is my life !! Thank you "
  • Manuel Comanducci
" Hi Armin! Are you coming to Turkey in 2017 ? "
  • Sukru Yazal
" Will be the possibility to buy jacket/coat which you wore on Embrace show ? "
  • account_circleKrzysztof Kempiński
" With what production of yours defines your family? "
  • Deneb Anais
" Hello Armin ... I can upload some old Armada songs on youtube? Thank you !!! "
  • account_circleTrance Lover
" Last year my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend at ASOT in ultra because we both love you, so this year we will be celebrating our one year anniv... "
  • account_circleRachel Roman
" The trance is "magic", why would you use that "magic"? "
  • Deneb Anais
" Does your team stay up 24h to post on social media continuously? "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" You used to come to Tunisia almost every year before Embrace. We miss you! Could your Tunisian fans expect a huge come back soon? :-) "
  • Amal from Tunisia
" Are you planning any new music under Rising Star? "
  • František Karas
" What kind of music are you producing now? What about the Gaia album? "
  • Marta Losilla
" Hi Armin, it's me Patty from Lima, Peru. I'm so happy because I'm going to see you in my country for the first time. I was wondering if I can get a c... "
  • Patty
" Hi Armin, are you going to play in London this or next year? A lot of your fans here would be really happy. Thank you "
  • Veronika
" What was your first car? "
  • Boglarka
" Hi Armin, it's Yulia from Ukraine. You did say that you bought guitar but can't play yet. Do you learning playing guitar? :) "
  • bluegirlUkraine
" Hi Armin, my husband and I have been big fans for many years and would like to know if there would be any opportunity for a meet and greet with you on... "
  • Charmaine De Klerk
" Hi Armin..My name is Anna.. I come from Germany..I saw your AOE Show in Kö was soo greatful and breathtaking <3,i would come and celebtrate it a... "
  • Anna Bosse
" Armin how many football games have you been at domestcly and internationally ? Who you support in holland club wise and how many Dutch national game... "
  • account_circleMr_tino
" Have you ever think of inviting Tiesto to one of your Asot shows? "
  • account_circleJorge
" Of all you did, what is your favorite set? (for me is asot 650 Buenos Aires) "
  • Facundo Torres
" Armin hello! Is it possible for fans to visit your new studio in Amsterdam? "
  • Anastassiya Uryumtseva
" I loved your collaboration with Vini Vici "Great Spirit". Are You planning on producing more tracks influenced by Psytrance or is this just a one time... "
  • account_circleZilvinas
" Hi Armin!you are a great man!How often and where do you spend your time with kids?thanks for answer:-) "
  • Ivanna Tsybulska
" Hello! Can you please show how you made one of your tracks? "
  • Alen Bukovec
" how do you make your music sounds so big and full ? my music sound always so empty "
  • Elias Vansteenkiste
" Hanni: Hey Armin. I was wondering....What are the most common problems at the time of a show? "
  • account_circleHanni
" Dear Armin: Can we get a chance to meet you in Armada TV office when we go to Amsterdam for The best of Armin Only show ?! "
  • account_circleSelinahu
" Hi, one more question. You said that ASOT is recorded and streaming LIVE on thursdays. So on snapchat during asot we're seeing snaps from "3 days ago"... "
  • Michał Rybacki
" Which is your favorite coffee? :) "
  • Boglarka
" What do you think about the top of DJ Mag? "
  • account_circleEmna
" What are you looking for in the artists you are working with ? "
  • Ruxandra Maria Udrea
" What is one of your favorite festivals to play at? "
  • account_circleSamir
" What is your favorite self-made track "
  • Mike de Leeuw
" What was your most surprising gift from fans? "
  • Boglarka
" Hi Armin, What do you think of the reconversation of Tiesto from Trance to something more like Guetta or Garrix !? "
  • account_circleEmna
" Hey Armin, Lately you've started a brand new rubric "Service For Dreamers". Can you give us one of yours inspirational story? "
  • Deni Madjarov
" Are you gonna upload your set at ASOT 800 Utrecht? Are u gonna stream The Best of Armin show? "
  • Juan Hernandez
" Hi there! Dear Armin, I am wondering about your travelling mood. How do you keep balance between the Earth and the air, Homeland and other countries,... "
  • Maria Isachenko
" What does 'Trance Family' mean to you, why does it not apply to other genres of music but only in trance? "
  • Lawrence Arthur
" Do you listen to classical music somethings?! "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hi Armin, can you tell us the day you released the next singer, next album ? Can wait to hear the next colab of you with Hardwell, Marlo and many more... "
  • Summer Arlert
" What*s an album you would recommend everyone listen to at least once in their lifetime? "
  • Yana Vyalykh
" Describe yourself in 3 words ;) "
  • Yana Vyalykh
" Hi Armin. It's Hanni. Do you have any plans after finishing the AO Embrace Tour? New tracks, Or something? "
  • account_circleHanni
" Armin .. Being a World Edm Producer & Dj .. how often do you get to sleep or rest before a show when you spin?? "
  • Jason Sefton
" Hey Armin! Here's my question for you: what was your dream about Trance music when you started producing? "
  • account_circleSandra Chad
" Hi Armin, what does 'Trance Family' mean to you, why do you think it's not the case with other genres? What's so powerful about Trance music that it b... "
  • Lawrence Arthur
" When do you think you will retire? (I hope you never do! I want my kids to see you you LENGEND) "
  • account_circleLuke Johnson
" Good afternoon. Hello from Kyiv. In the finale of clip "I Need you" Olaf Blackwood sings. Garibay plays the guitar. You, Armin, play the piano. Is it ... "
  • Nastya Nepomyaschaya
" What is your favorite self-made track "
  • Mike de Leeuw
" what plugins do you use for making your music sound so full ( big) My music sounds so empty ? "
  • Elias Vansteenkiste
" Hi Armin, today I listened to the first chapter of Universal Religion and I wondered if we can expect a new chapter of Universal Religion in the futur... "
  • Bram Bijlemeer
" Hi Armin ! I'm Ruxandra from Romania ! I don't know if you remeber me from the Untold Festival , but I am the girl who gave you the gift at the end ... "
  • Ruxandra Maria Udrea
" do You think to visit mexico soon "
  • Martha Amëzquita
" Why don't you come to Egypt? "
  • account_circleSamargazy
" Will you come to mexico this year? "
  • account_circleJosue Emmanuel
" When the album of a state of trance 2017 comes out? "
  • account_circleJosue Emmanuel
" Simple question needs a simple answer. When is the Gaia album coming out? "
  • account_circleLuke Johnson
" Hi Armin, are you working on Gaia album? "
  • Antonio Marano
" Hey Armin... Whats your favorite old stool music ? "
  • Cseh Álmos
" Hey armin Jigar Talati here big big fan I hope you know. Excited to be the only DJ at ultra main stage with spectacles on? Man people are gonna be lik... "
  • account_circleJigar Talati
" Name 2 or more Greek Food or dessert you've eaten and they're your favorites. "
  • Nansy Kokkali
" Hi Armin, do you think that a new sub-genre of Trance is on the rise? I'm reffering to the NWYR project, can you give us any infos about it? are you a... "
  • Franjo Stojic
" Many persons say that you left real trance for some EDM and that your music is more commercial. What can you respond to that persons that consider tha... "
  • account_circleEmna
" Is it possible that Gaia will be added to the ASOT Tomorrowland line-up? That would be Legendary :) "
  • Wouter Asselberg
" What would you do, if "that energy" wants to meet you in the flesh, but he has no money to move easily XD "
  • Israel López
" Hey Armin! I'd like to thank you first for answering our questions. I would like to ask if bringing Armin Only to Canada is on the schedule? "
  • account_circleSandra.C
" Hi Armin, I'm your fan and I'm so excited for the Armin Only Embrace in Buenos Aires! Could you tell me if we can have a meet and greet with you? Than... "
  • Milagros Eckardt
" Would you be willing to send some stems for a few of your tracks for some of your producer fans to remix? "
  • Tevin Froese
" Hey Armin! I've been listening to your music since 2003 and I absolutely love your productions :) I've heard that you are coming to Sunrise Festival ... "
  • account_circleKacper :)
" Hi Armin, which DJ inspired you to become a DJ ? "
  • Patrick Müssig
" What's up, Armin. My name is Masha, live in Moscow, waiting for the #AOEMBRACE and Seriously got nervous with it : #ASOT804 seemed not to be Liv... "
  • Maria Isachenko
" New Songs during the #UltraMusicFestival #ASOTSTAGE #MainsStage "
  • account_circleJosue Emmanuel
" Why do you feel the need to produce other genres while everybody loves your Trance and especially that you can make Trance commercial hits like "In an... "
  • account_circleLuke Johnson
" Hi Armin! Any plan to come to China again? "
  • account_circleMarco Qin
" Hé armin mijn vriendin is een hele grote fan van jou is bij alle armin only geweest, ade, Electronic family, asot.. hier mijn vraag ze is 26 juni a.s.... "
  • Michel Kuyt
" Armin , Do you plan coming to Bulgaria anytime soon ? "
  • Дейвид Н.
  • Ranna GY
" Hi Armin! I from Kazakhstan!Is it possible for fans to visit your new studio in Amsterdam? "
  • Anastassiya Uryumtseva
" Hello Armin! Is there an Armin van Buuren & Willem de Roo collab in the works? "
  • account_circlepob930
" Hi Armin! this may be an unusual question but I want to know what are your thoughts on Geert Wilders? "
  • Jessica Ch.
" Hi Armin . Im Ehsan from Iran. What's your opinion and How you think about Iranian's Producers such as Farhad Mahdavi or Harmonic Rush and others ? "
  • account_circleEhsan
" Because you're moving away from the trance, bone because you do not do that trance that we fall in love with all the lovers of trance, do not abandon ... "
  • Franco Alvarez
" Armin when are coming back to Bangalore India!? I'm dying to watch u live. All ASOT fans in Bangalore are waiting. Plz come to Bangalore!!! "
  • account_circleVenkatesh
" Do you love Balaton? "
  • Boglarka
" I'm curious about story with Again. Why the probably original mix is called "Armin van Buuren Remix". If original would exist then you can create rem... "
  • Michał Rybacki
" Hey Armin van Buuren, Ga je een keer een track Met Martin Garrix maken, Groeten van Eva de Vries (een grote fan van jou "
  • account_circleEva
" Why does you keep your family so hidden from the world. Other DJs love to show how much they love them and how important they are. How do you balance ... "
  • account_circleSchnook
" Hi Armin, Sometimes, when you are performing a set during a festival, it seems to me and to other fans that you regornize some of us. Is it true? ... "
  • account_circleEmna
" Which was your worst moment during a show? For me it was the fall of PVD during ASOT 750? And your best moment during a show? "
  • account_circleEmna
" Hi Armin, I'm so excited for The Best of Armin only on 13 May. I'd like to ask you, are you going to play a Vinyl set for this magic night? If so, is ... "
  • account_circleGabri
" Hey Armin! How you spent your time in Bulgaria and what will your remembered by Armin Only Embrace Sofia? "
  • Jivomir Petrov
" What are you doing after your gigs? "
  • Boglarka
" Hi Armin! When are you coming to Finland again? I am a huge fan of your music and i was at your show last time you where in Finland and I would love t... "
  • account_circleNina
" How should any person get started in music? "
  • account_circleharsh
" Tell me you inspiration "
  • account_circleharsh
" hello Armin, how do you think how will sound the music of the future? "
  • account_circlelauralaura
" Hi, Armin. In case you didn’t get my email, this is for you. I am writing 4 songs. I am using Logic Pro X on my iMac Mid 2009 computer, and it was cra... "
  • account_circleIvan_Dictator_music
" What's your favorite song from the new Virtual Self EP? "
  • account_circleVRSE
" Armin, Hi from France! My question is, what is your plans for ASOT 1000 ? Times fly, today were are already at ASOT 849 ! Hope to see you soon ! "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hey Armin. Me and my bf are very big fans of yours. Not only because of your trance but also we love you more as a person. You are a true soul. I have... "
  • Prilly Kaur
" Armin, in honor of the late Benjamin Hernandez, Dj B-jay. Could you have ever considered remixing of his tracks "Consentida". Played with you and ... "
  • account_circleCarlos120188
" Hi Armin! I’m aspiring to be a hard trance dj and producer (or in asot terms, I’d like to be a Who’s Afraid of 138 dj). What are your best tips for m... "
  • account_circleDJLAUNCHPAD
" Tell me, what is name of music you have been with hardwell intro at AMF two is one 2017, Please tell me that name, I am gone mad about that song "
  • account_circlePalash
" Are you happy? "
  • account_circleAdaDarski
" Hi Armin =) hope all well with you =) Will you be ever coming to play in Dublin ?? "
  • account_circleSimona
" Will you come to Mexico this year? "
  • account_circleJosue Emmanuel
" Honestly what is your opinion about the legend DEADMAU5? "
  • account_circleBrutalXnor
" Those 2 shows The Best Of AO , in May will be the same? I mean... the same lenght, the same set, the same singers? "
  • account_circleMaryJane
" Christmas is coming and my wife is a super huge fan. I would do anything for her and I know she would love an autograph from you. Is there anyway poss... "
  • account_circleRsimons2277
" HEY Armin! could we meet one day? it's always been a dream. "
  • account_circleDJSLIK
" Hey Armin! Ive been listening to you since you started ASOT, I lucked out and got an english bf in the US :) Which would you say your is your favorit... "
  • Tara Peyton
" What does Trance truly mean to you? "
  • Lawrence Arthur
" Ruben de Ronde is coming to perform at the Ministry of Sound this Friday, will you ever come to perform at the amazing Ministry of Sound in London? "
  • Lawrence Arthur
" Hey Armin! Would you ever do a combined radio show along with other radio shows like ASOT + Hardwell on Air or ASOT + Tiësto Club life, etc? "
  • Mainak Das
  • account_circleRitikAvb
" What can a fan do to get your attention during a set? "
  • account_circleLuke Johnson
" When will you be coming to India? I can't wait to see you "
  • account_circleRitikAvb
" Hello Armin! When will you release your collab with W&W after ''If It Ain't Dutch''? I heard it on your Ultra Miami 2016 Main stage Set and it was ama... "
  • account_circlewegrw
" Hi Armin! What is your funniest or favorite childhood memory? What has been your best moment in 2016? Thank you. Miroslav, Bulgaria "
  • account_circleMiroslav Aleksandrov
" How do you come up with a song? Because you work with Benno de Goeij, What part does each of you do? Also bring back the "Armin in the Studio!" They... "
  • Javier Vicente Retortillo
" With the success of your vinyl sets from your Armin Only shows, can we expect to maybe see vinyl only sets in clubs in the future? "
  • Jose Lupercio
" I am inspiring producer and I was wondering what programs you use the most and why do you use them more then others besides sounds and any tips on wha... "
  • chris
" Greetings from Seattle! I am traveling to see your sets in Miami for Ultra, I do wonder, what do you have in store for us at Ultra for your main stage... "
  • account_circleSamir
" Are you doing a possible meet and greet during Ultra Miami? "
  • account_circleSamir
" Why don't you employ me in any of your production houses(armada_love<3) ,so I get to live for that energy my life throughout?? "
  • Pankaj Biswas
" Im a DJ/Producer of Uplifting Trance from México. But i dont know how sign with one label. In your case when you are started, how did you sign your fi... "
  • Jonathan Jimenez
" Any chance we will see ASOT Festival in Asia this upcoming year? Cheers, Ivan from Malaysia! "
  • account_circleIvan Liew
" Hi Armin :) We all have a song; one with a special memory or meaning; What is your song and why? Kind regards from Mexico, Anahí "
  • account_circleAnahí
" Hi Armin! How can I get to the autograph session where you meet with your fans? you can invite me there? the tour Armin Only in Moscow. Vladimir/Mo... "
  • account_circleVladimir pisarev
" Will you release "The Best Of Armin Only" on DVD? "
  • Izabela Pankanin
" What event or series of events led to the success of your label? "
  • ProjectBoxMusic
" Is there going to be an ASOT edition in Brazil this year??? "
  • Natalia Costa
" Hey Armin, can't wait to see your set at Creamfields and I absolutely adored your set at Ultra Europe last year it was truly magical. My question is w... "
  • Jonny Parkinson-Swift
" If there any social account managed by your own hands? Where you are honestly communicate with Fans and Let them know how are you now. Facebook, tw... "
  • Maria Isachenko
" How old were you exactly when you started producing music ? "
  • account_circlePeter
" - Describe your self with 3 words. - Name 2 favorite Rock / Metal Bands "
  • Nansy Kokkali
" Hey Armin! A few questions for you. 1) Will you be bringing Gaia to EDC Las Vegas this year? 2) When can we expect the Gaia album to be released this ... "
  • account_circleFrantik
" What's your current favorite song right now? Also, will you come back to Echostage in DC to play anytime soon? Thanks, you're awesome! "
  • account_circleDannyyeller
" Hello Armin, on what basis u pick tracks for ur extended sets? "
  • account_circlePacific
" Dear Armin ~ In next life ~~ will you still wanna to be a Dj producer ? Will you let your children to be Dj too ?! "
  • account_circleSelinahu
" Dear Armin , Any AO Embrace show coming in India ? We Indian fans really waiting for this world tour please say something "
  • account_circleNikhil India
" Dear Armin: This is Selina Hu from Taiwan kaoshiung ! Will you come to Kaohsiung for Armin Only show next time ?! Not always Taipei ?! "
  • account_circleSelinahu
" Er staat op YouTube een nummer waarin je samenwerkt met Demi Lovato. Is dat nummer echt of nep? "
  • Rik Wolters
" Dear Armin: Can we meet you in Armada office when we go to Amsterdam for The best of Armin show ?! "
  • account_circleSelinahu
" Dear Armin ~ Will you come to our brunch for a meal if you come to Taiwan Kaohsiung ? "
  • account_circleSelinahu
" Dear Armin ~ Is that possible you can cooperate with Tiesto for a trance only concert ?! "
  • account_circleSelinahu
" Hi armin The new set room looks great and u play the song ask me beautiful. What about your felling? "
  • account_circleNirmal
" Hi Armin! Just wanted to know if you have contemplated a show in Bogota - Colombia anytime soon, thank you! "
  • Jessica Ch.
" What would be your carrier advices for a new EDM Dj/Producer? "
  • account_circleBoris Laroche
" what do you think of sophie sugar, lady of trance? "
  • account_circlemandylane
" how do you keep yourself humble and don't let fame/success go to your head? "
  • Jessica Ch.
" Hi Armin! Liebst du different styles music? Blues,jazz,rock,metal, industrial? "
  • Veronica Fedoseenko
" Are you planning to come to Shanghai this year? What time? "
  • account_circlesukie
" I can visit ur family "
  • account_circleNirmal
" Hello Armin Are you planning to come to Shanghai this year? What time? "
  • account_circlesukie
" Hi Armin, when are going to do your Armin only embrace tour in Toronto, we are anxiously waiting for it :(. Also next ASOT in Toronto please? Love, Le... "
  • Leena Sachdev
" Hi Armin , do you go gym ? How many times "
  • Fazreen
" Why don't you come to Egypt? "
  • account_circleSamargazy
" Any tips for somebody who wants to start being a dj "
  • account_circleSman517
" Am I late Dear or you are still here ? LOL Do you have some favorite Metal Song which is your favorite ? "
  • Nansy Kokkali
" Any chance you will ever work with Eric Prydz? Or come to Denver again? "
  • Adam C Michaels
" Do you like to listen classical music somethings?! "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" hey armin i am inspiring producer and was wondering what programs you use the most to make your sound unique and i heard you use to come to alberta ca... "
  • chris
" I know that music is your life, but if you would like to change your profession one day, just hypotheticaly, what would you like to do instead? "
  • Marianna
" If you weren't a DJ, then what would you be? "
  • account_circleKB10
" Does your family travel with you on your gigs, or do you stay in contact with them until you return home? "
  • account_circlecookieking1
" Hi Armin, do you look forward to producing tracks again like Sail or Mirage? "
  • account_circleevapanchal312
" Are you excited to play at tomorrowland? What is ur favorite part of it? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Will you collaborate with Gareth Emery? "
  • Luca Bellan
" wath is your fav. festival "
  • Elias Vansteenkiste
" I would like to meet you in person during your stay in Japan for EDC. Is it possible? #legend "
  • account_circleSagar Musale
" Hey Armin !! When will you perform at Egypt ?! we all here dying to see you playing awesome set as usual "
  • account_circleMostafa Kelany
" Are there any unannounced features for the best of Armin Only show? "
  • Synodinos Tavagios
" Dear Armin : Can we get a chance to greet and meet with you in Armada TV ?! When we go to Amsterdam for The Best of Armin Only show !? "
  • account_circleSelinahu
" Armin can you play Intense in Argentina on April 8th? We really miss you "
  • Matías Pistorio
" Dear Armin , Any AO Embrace show coming in India ? We Indian fans really waiting for this world tour please say something "
  • account_circleNikhil India
" I love you so much, When will you come to Guatemala again? "
  • account_circlelllucia__
" Can't wait to see you in Peru❤️. Could I meet you? "
  • Patty
" Hi armin, it's me Patty from Lima, Peru. I'm so happy because I'm going to see you in my country for the first time. I was wondering if I can get a ... "
  • Patty
" Hey,Armin!There are many questions that I would like to ask you but I'll stick only with one...In the last two years you've come at Untold Festival in... "
  • Daniela Pripasu
" Hoi Armin. Je bent een van de beste dj's ooit. Mijn vraag is: hoe kwam het dat je wilde samenwerken met Kensington? (Je nieuwe nummer is trouwens prac... "
  • Rik Wolters
" Hi Armin,my name is Nick, mu questios is - in one of the interviews you said that you take piano lessons,tell me please, would you like to do a live s... "
  • Nick
" What do you think of the way to make trance more popular in Japan? Would you help us doing so please? (I understand but don't like you play EDM thing ... "
  • Sato Kok
" Hey Armin! What inspires you the most? "
  • Sam
" Hi Armin we need help by sound by Trance many my bothers Erik wimmer & Asota Music projects stay next soon by collaborating can we send by end of tr... "
  • Asota Music Projects 2017
" hee armin, wat is jouw gouden tip voor iemand die wild doorbreken met het maken van (in dit geval electronische) muziek? "
  • account_circleArjen
" Hi Armin, when are going to do your Armin only embrace tour in Toronto, we are anxiously waiting for it :(. Also next ASOT in Toronto please? Love... "
  • Leena Sachdev
" 1-hello armin are you going to play A vinyl set , on MAY 12 OR 13 AND IF NOT WHY? 2- armin what is your problem with Egypt that makes you don't l... "
  • Ranna GY
" Hi armin i'm your fan omar from Morocco and i wanna ask you if is it possible to see a performance of you here in Morocco ? It will be a dream comes t... "
  • Knoplern Alvaro
" Will you come to Mexico this year? "
  • account_circleJosue Emmanuel
" What is your favorite color? "
  • account_circleLizett Tancsik
" Can you give me a ticket for your concert in the Amsterdam Arena? "
  • Dennis van Meenen
" Hello Armin, When will you release your next collab with W&W after ''If it ain't dutch''? "
  • account_circleerw
" Will be there another ASOT edition after the Tomorrowland in other country?? "
  • Natalia Costa
" When will you come to India "
  • account_circleNirmal
" Are you planning to come to Shanghai this year? What time? "
  • account_circlesukie
" Are you planning to come to Shanghai this year? What time? "
  • account_circlesukie
" Are you coming back to trance? And do you know something about NWYR? "
  • account_circleTrancefan101
" who would you like to collab with? "
  • account_circleHans Calderón
" Can we expect an original mix of 'Rising Star - Again'? I loved the Armin van Buuren remix "
  • account_circleRafa Montejo
" Can we expect an original mix of 'Rising Star - Again'? I loved the Armin van Buuren remix "
  • account_circleRafa Montejo
" Which DAW do you use? "
  • account_circledavid
  • account_circleOlmos JaÏver
" Hoe layer je de gevarieerde melodieën zo harmonisch met elkaar? "
  • account_circleNoah
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