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" Hi, Armin. In case you didn’t get my email, this is for you. I am writing 4 songs. I am using Logic Pro X on my iMac Mid 2009 computer, and it was crashing a lot. I receive system overloads and it’s a pain. I tried my hardest to get that software to work, but somehow, it doesn’t seem to respond. So I tried a few ways to optimize my CPU on my computer. I tried turning off my wifi, I tried to freeze the software instruments, and I tried to bussing the channel strips with a lot of plugins to an aux track. I also tried to group those channels, to save CPU. But all of these problems seemed to appear as “disk is too slow” or system overload. I understand that I may need an external hard drive to save CPU instead, however, I have a 2.0 external drive whereas the USB ports are 2.0. which in this case may slow down my computer. I also have a RAM issue as of a 4GB RAM. I realized that it might be too slow for my DAW to work. But I can’t give up on songwriting right now. So the question is this: which alternative is best for me (and for you)? If you have time, reply to me as soon as you can. :) Thanks, Ivan M "

phonelink asked Dec 7th 2017 @ 09:40AM
on their Mac