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" In the song "and you thought the doctors probe hurt" off of twas hell said former child, you described an extraterrestrial encounter. Was this somethi... "
  • Justin Burdick
" hi steve how did you end up working with bird attack for the new record? will you be putting out more stuff with bird attack? "
  • account_circlePeter Elliot
" whos has been your favorite band to tour with and why? have there been any bands youd rather never tour with again? "
  • account_circledanny
" what's been the hardest thing about being in the music biz? "
  • account_circleErn
" Are you guys still putting pasta inside your sandwiches ? "
  • account_circleDiego Pasini
" How long did it take to record revenge of the fifth? the album sounds like a natural continuation of where you were with fast forward eats the tape we... "
  • account_circleClaire Davies
" how did you meet Casey and how did he end up joining the band? "
  • account_circleClaire Davies
" do you have any pre-show rituals? "
  • account_circleAlex Reid
" Hey Steve! Thanks for doing this Q&A! If you were to nominate another band or artist to do a video Q&A who would it be? "
  • Sam
" do you think melodic punk music has much of a future? are there any bands to watch out for IYO "
  • account_circleChris K
" whats the song written by someone else that means the most to you personally and why? and whats the song written by you that means the most to you per... "
  • account_circlemerryP
" Whats the best tour you've ever been on and why? "
  • account_circlemerryP
" Outside of music what do you guys do for a living? "
  • account_circlePaul A
" What do you think of the image of Canadian punk rock from non-canadians? Specifcally, when guys like Fat Mike (sarcastically?) remark about having to ... "
  • Ryan Scott
" rumours said going to groezrock17 "
  • Benja Ossa
" Hi Steve do you have any tattoos? Which of the other band members has the best and the worst tattoos in your opinion? "
  • account_circleDalyCity
" The lyrics In your songs are fantastic. All About Perspectives is one of my favorites because of the words. What is your favourite song/line you have ... "
  • Chris Hogg
" Looking forward to the Manchester Punk Festival in April 2017. Can we expect any other UK shows? "
  • Chris Hogg
" I think fast forward eats the tape was your best record when it came out. why did you guys decide to call it quits then when the sound was just so rig... "
  • account_circlePaul A
" hi steve whats your favorite kind of music outside of punk and rock "
  • account_circleFran
" i heard touring is hard for lots of bands do you guys make much from the touring part of things or from the recording side of things? "
  • account_circleFran
" was it easy getting booked when you started out? how did you get your chance to play in front of people? how tight were you guys? "
  • account_circleFran
" it was great seeing you guys get back together. what other band would you most like to see back together and why? "
  • account_circleGreg Kline
" whats the hardest song for you to play in your catalog? "
  • account_circleGreg Kline
" whos been your biggest inspiration musical or otherwise of your career "
  • account_circleLuke Moss
" whats the funniest thing that ever happened at one of your shows? "
  • account_circleAlex Reid
" What track are you most proud of? My fave is anesthetic "
  • account_circleClaire Davies
" What guitar/amp/pedals do you guys use live? "
  • account_circlejksant
" Can you go on tour with Bigwig across Canada? "
  • Ryan Huston
" What triggered the Belvedere reunion? THANKYOU for returning the new album is amazing. "
  • Chris Hogg
" Long time fan.....When will I be seeing you in Florida? Seriously "
  • Chris Ahlborn
" Did the conflicts between members that lead to your untimely disbanding also create the tension and contrasting ideas and styles that made Fast Forwar... "
  • Ryan Huston
" What happen with Graham and will you come back to south america? greetings from Argentina "
  • Esteban Vidal
" How do you go about songwriting? Do you focus on in the moment writing or do you write songs over time? What do you try to do to stay fresh? "
  • account_circleBMacIntosh
" Top 3 favourite punk rock records? "
  • Alessandro Gavazzi
" How do you (Belvedere) usually write songs? Do you write them together or does one person bring full songs (instrumental) and do the others fill in th... "
  • Arne Vanhove
" I really digged bonus room do you have plans for more solo stuff steve or is it over now that belvedere are back together (not complaining btw!) "
  • account_circleMike Penn
" I can't get enough of "Revenge of the Fifth". Were there any songs that didn't make it onto the album and are there any plans to put out any demos or ... "
  • account_circleEric S
" What was it like playing with nofx the day after the American election? "
  • Janet Dow
" whats with the ouija board design for the revenge of the fifth album cover? "
  • account_circlePeter Elliot
" Hello, Steve! Thanks a lot for your music! Do you think you'll ever be able to tour Russia? You've been here in 2010 with This Is A Standoff, how did ... "
  • account_circlepukeyboy
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