Ask deadmau5 Anything

" From now on, if streaming music becomes the most popular way to listen to music, how do you think that will affect musicians and fans? "
  • account_circleMJJ
" I love you Joel!! Have you been involved with movie soundtracks, like Daft Punk and Trent Reznor have been? If you were to get involved in a movie sou... "
  • account_circledr.wily'swife
" It seems that you and Steve Angello sometimes talk on Twitter, but what do you think of his music? "
  • account_circleHiroaki
" I think it's really cool that you're honest and outspoken about what you believe? How are you so able to break the mold and speak your mind? Also, why... "
  • Sam
" I enjoy watching your coffee run videos on youtube. I have fun watching different kinds of people being recorded on your show. Who are you going to go... "
  • account_circleYoda
" What kind of cat food do you give to Professor Meowingtons? "
  • account_circleデッドネコ
" Do you like Japan? Also I want to make great records like you. Where do you recommend I start out from? I love My Pet Coelacanth! "
  • account_circleReiji
" What was going through your mind when you produced Strobe? "
  • account_circleRyo
" You have another alias called f*uckmylife. Will you officially release "aassddff" and "beneath with me" in the near future? Naturally, the production ... "
  • account_circleChasingCheese
" Tell me how you came up with the idea for your mouse helmet? "
  • account_circlemixxcolors
" How do you come up with your lyrics? A lot of your songs are sorrowful, I wouldn't have expected it - I like it. "
  • account_circleaitam_p
" Out of all the tracks you produced, which one is your favorite? "
  • account_circle枝豆bot
" I know Skrillex has some releases on mau5trap, but when you first heard his songs what kind of impression did you have? Also, the other day you critic... "
  • account_circlemeg
" What tattoo are you going to get next? Who does your tattoos? "
  • account_circleSKMTHRS
" You often criticise different kinds of artists. I believe that there are fans that respect your honesty and attitude, however, others believe your rem... "
  • account_circleryusay
" I've seen a video of you wearing a shirt with Hatsune Miku on it. What do you think about VOCALOID? Have you considered using it in your production? "
  • account_circleRyan T
" I thoroughly believe that you and Justice were the ones who set the early EDM scene in motion but why did you decide to perform at a rock festival (Fu... "
  • account_circleNeodead
" In all honesty, how do you feel about Mickey Mouse? "
  • account_circleTrooper
" In a recent interview, Noel Gallagher said, "Hello, this is deadmau5 without the stupid f*cking hat." I think you're getting his attention because you... "
  • account_circleTAKASHI
" I'm looking forward to your live performance at Fuji Rock Festival. Are there any artists in the Fuji Rock line up that you would like to see? "
  • account_circle大いなる山脈
" Deadmau5! I'm from Niigata, Japan. Thank you for playing at Fujirock in Niigata!! I'm excited to see you play on the 25th of July. I'm going just for ... "
  • account_circle@waka161
" What do you think about your Japanese audience? I have a feeling that we're quite shy in general and so will be less responsive during your show than ... "
  • account_circleake3kuro3
" What do you think about the burgeoning EDM scene? "
  • account_circleyousuke
" 攻殻機動隊のテーマをライブでたびたび使用されていますがUMF2014が特に印象に残っています。 「私が舞うと美しい女が酔った」「私が舞うと照る月が鳴り響く」という意味がある曲でブース前に出てダンスしてましたが、歌詞の意味を知っててやったんでしょうか ?ずっと気になっています。 "
  • account_circleブランコ
" 好きな日本語は何ですか? "
  • account_circleRENTA
" あなたがこのようなジャンルの音楽を作るのに影響を受けたアーティストは誰ですか? "
  • account_circleおぐにぃ
" 最近注目しているアーティストは誰ですか? "
  • account_circleTIMMYS
" 日本に来て、やりたいことはなんですか? あと、今注目しているアーティストは誰ですか? "
  • account_circletaguchi
" ノエルのことどう思いますか?笑 "
  • account_circleyuuu
" こんにちは!将来EDM DJを目指している15歳です!音楽プロデューサーとして生きるには、どんな事から始めたらいいですか? "
  • account_circleRyuCat
" どのEDM-DJがいちばんきらい? "
  • account_circleRonan
" いつもCoffee run楽しみにしています\(^o^)/Tim Hortonsの Double doubleわたしもいつかカナダで飲みたいです。 またTwitch動画あげてくださいー "
  • account_circleaitam_p
" レーベルを作ろうと思ったきっかけは? "
  • account_circleKaho
" deadmau5さんは最近の音楽のブームをどのように捉えていますか? いつもの辛口なコメントが好きなのでかなりキツめの答えが聞きたいです! お願いします! "
  • account_circleまっきー
" 以前ハードスタイルの制作を断念していましたが再度チャレンジの予定はありませんか?聴いてみたいです! "
  • account_circleきつね
" いつも配信楽しみにしてます! 最近ゲーム配信はいつもディアブロ3ですが他のゲームの配信はしないんですか?かなりやりこんでるとツイッターで言ってたので特にベヨネッタが見たいです "
  • account_circleyu
" ミュージシャンのためのスタジオコンプレックスを建てたいという計画は今どうなっていますか?その土地に生息しているサラマンダーについて2年間ぐらい学ばないといけないと前に言ってましたが、何か進みましたか? "
  • account_circleSachi
" ジョエルさんのインスタグラムを見ていたところ、家の敷地内にクリーパーがスポーンしていましたが家は爆破されてないですか?大丈夫ですか?いつかジョエルさんとマインクラフトがしたいです! "
  • account_circleれいじ
" なんでそんなにかっこいい音楽を作れるんですか? インスピレーションはどこにありますか? "
  • account_circleばたこ