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" Do you have a core belief when it comes to making music? "
  • sickboi
" Hey Felix!! Which is the most thing that u liked from Chile?,Greetings bro,see u in a month!! Jimmy "
  • Jimmy Andrés
" Sam Feldt said he thinks most djs are nerds. What do you think of that? "
  • account_circleteller
" Do you believe music needs to have a message or make you feel something? What do you try to achieve with your music? "
  • account_circlecarlz
" Hey how you come up with your artist name? How can we get the frequencies BACK! "
  • account_circleoscar
" What item can you not be without? "
  • account_circlelinz
" If you could unhear any song in history which song would it be and why? "
  • account_circlelinz
" If it all came to an end tomorrow, what would you be proudest of having achieved in your life so far? "
  • account_circlefabio
" What's your biggest pet peeve? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" Most important thing on your rider? "
  • account_circleAdam Keith
" If you were to change your style where do you think you would go? "
  • account_circleevra
" where are you based these days and where do you go to make music and think of ideas "
  • account_circleChrisJ
" Huge fan of yours from Inidia brother How was your experience in India When are ya coming back to India and how can i send you my Demo? ❤️ "
  • account_circleRaja Yekkati
" Did you like coming to Guatemala ?. "
  • account_circlelllucia__
" Hi! What DAW are you using? Also, what other equipment/studio gear u use and what is your favourite plug-in? "
  • Jussi Toivonen
" Who's the most disappointing crowd you ever played for? Why? "
  • account_circlelinz
" Are you married or dating? Is it easy to find time for relationships when working in music? What are the upsides and downsides? "
  • account_circlealbi40
" How did you decide which label to sign for? "
  • account_circletoby fish
" which class in a plane do you usually fly in? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" What's the craziest thing that ever happened at one of your shows? "
  • account_circleAdam Keith
" what kind of music did you grow up listening to? "
  • account_circleevra
" hows miami music week? describe it in one word and whats the best thing youve done there? "
  • account_circlemike p
" Hi Felix thanks for it! I am interested in how producers are making money from their music. You are getting pretty big now but how does the income com... "
  • account_circletoby fish
" How did you start your Career in the Music Business!? "
  • account_circleDj Dan
" I am 15 years old!Im Becoming an EDM record producer, I am a HUGE fan of you! I cant wait to see you in concert on June 10th!! I would Die to meet yo... "
  • account_circleDj Dan
" Hi Lost Frequencies! Are you coming to Turkey in 2017 ? "
  • Sukru Yazal
" When you started procducing years ago, did you crack some VST or sample pack which were to expansive ? "
  • account_circlePrade
" What's the one thing you have to have on your rider "
  • account_circlerut ger
" Hi, Felix! Do you answering now? "
  • account_circleEcklo
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