Ask Michael Monroe Anything

伝説的ロック・バンド、ハノイ・ロックスのシンガー、マイケル・モンロー率いるソロ・ バンドがニュー・アルバム『ブラックアウト・ステイツ』を発表!
" I love your new album!! I’d like to ask the whoever wrote the lyrics of “Old King’s Road” if it’s based on a real story, who did you meet on the King’... "
  • cheyenne
" The first foreign act I saw was HANOI ROCKS when I was 20 (around 2003). Your performance then shocked me and changed my life. And here’s my question.... "
  • account_circleミッチー
" Where was the picture on the jacket of the new album taken? Is that Germany? I think it’s Alexanderplatz, isn’t it? There is a television tower and el... "
  • mk
" Hi. Your songs are very cool and excite my heart. When and how do you get your ideas for songs? Are the lyrics coming first or the melody? Actually I ... "
  • Yuichi Masuzawa
" I think your band have cooler looking and looks way cooler on stage than other bands. Do you do anything to keep your look? Also, do you have somethin... "
  • account_circleSK
" You’ve done sessions with Slash, Alice Cooper and so on, but are there any other musicians you would like to play with? "
  • account_circlekissakiss
" I think the older you get the cooler you become. I would like to know how you keep that power? "
  • Rinzo Yasuda
" I’ve been your fan for about 24 years. I really want to read your autobiography in Japanese. I want to know if being a mentor on the X-factor is fun f... "
  • account_circlekurdtmonroe
" I love it when I go to a rock concert (of course yours included) and feel rock!! Out of all the rock concerts, yours are especially fun and hot! You g... "
  • account_circleyukomon
" What is the most impressive present that you’ve ever gotten from a fan? "
  • account_circlenana92
" Hi! I love your new album! I’m looking forward to your next show in Japan. Please don't only visit Tokyo, come to Osaka too! By the way I’ve heard tha... "
  • account_circleshimomon
" I watched the Ruisrock 2012 50th birthday live show on DVD! I really enjoyed the birthday messages from other rock stars. There were messages from Sla... "
  • account_circlesachi
" I want to see a show with the members of HANOI ROCKS during their golden era. Even for just one night. Do you have such plans in the future? "
  • account_circle K/N
" Michael, I love your positivity and the unrelenting passion for songs that you always display. I have a seven-year-old son and I want him to be strong... "
  • account_circleりえhappy
" Your new album is very cool. I listen to it everyday. I can’t wait to see you in Japan. By the way is there any place you’d like to visit in Japan? "
  • holly
" Hi! Do you have any plans to publish your autobiography either in English or Japanese? I really want to read it so please publish it! I would be happy... "
  • cheyenne
" When are you next planning on playing Japan? I can't wait! "
  • account_circleproblemchild
" I saw people who seemed like the members of DEMOLITION 23 perform on the pedestrian mall in Harajuku around 1993-1994 without no weeks of notice-borro... "
  • account_circlesgr
" Do you have any Japanese bands you’d like to play with or are interested in? "
  • account_circletomy
" Michael, you're always such a cool, awesome man but what would you name as one of your weaknesses? "
  • account_circleりえhappy
" こんにちは!私はHANOI ROCKSが、そしてマイケルモンローが大好きで憧れでもあります! 質問ですが、マイケルは日本の食べ物で何が一番好きですか?ぜひ教えて下さい★ これからもずっと応援しています!身体に気をつけてこれからもファイトです!! "
  • Yumichael Monroe Nkym
" It's a bit difficult to imagine how Michael is living just like us, but I've seen you posting how you have 2 cats and you are interested in conservati... "
  • account_circleりえhappy
" ハノイロックスの頃、パンクとかメタルとかグラムとか、いろんな呼ばれ方をされてますが、マイケル自身はどう呼ばれたいですか?私はもう マイケルモンローという括りでいいんじゃないか?と思います。アコースティックなL.E.S.とかぐうの音もでないくらい素敵です。 "
  • account_circleりんせ
" If you visited Japan in private, where would you want to visit and what kind of experience would you want to have? "
  • account_circlekissakiss
" Hi Michael. I truly love your stage that's always so energetic. What's your secret for staying so young? Is there anything you are careful of regar... "
  • holly
" マイケルがファンの質問に答えてくれてとても嬉しいです! さて、マイケルのかっこいいミニハーモニカ買いました。初心者なので少し教えて下さい! "
  • account_circleEri
" I listen to your new album everyday. I love it. Out of all the tracks on the album, which is your favorite one? "
  • holly
" Out of all the tracks of that album, what is your favorite one? "
  • holly
" 常にベストな体制のモンローズバンドですが、時々メンバーの1人がライブをお休みしたりすることがありますよね。そういう時に臨時で参加するミュージシャンは、どうやって選んでいるんですか? "
  • account_circleマリ
" 1983年から日本には何度もツアーで来ていますが、思い出深いツアーはいつですか? どんなことを思い出しますか? "
  • account_circleEri
" 1st ソロアルバムでJohnny ThundersとDead Boysのカヴァーをしていましたね。とてもマイケルに似合う曲でした。今後カヴァーしたい曲はありますか? "
  • account_circleproblemchild