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" What are the hottest acts in Denmark right now "
  • account_circleSageBanya
" Have you been playing Pokemon go? Are you a fan of the series "
  • account_circleAndros
" whats a song you are ashamed to admit that you like? "
  • account_circlecarlz
" Congrats on your new record mike its like a instant hit. How long have you been working on this track and after it finished how long does it take to b... "
  • account_circlearnaud
" I heard you were bullied and didn't party much as a kid are you making up for that now your a bad ass DJ? What do people who douted you say to you now... "
  • account_circleChrisJ
" I just wanna know sounds really different from your earlier stuff? I like it but why did you change the sound? Was someone influencing you? Do manager... "
  • account_circleProdeejee
" Hey Mike! How are you releasing your new music? What do you think of all the streaming services nowadays? "
  • account_circleProdeejee
" Do you still play online games? Do you have a twitch account? Do you think you could beat Deadmau5 and whats your game of choice? "
  • account_circlehawkeye
" It's inspiring that you put so much into your hobby and it has paid off for you. I follow you on fb and I know you encouraged us to do the same but wh... "
  • Elin
" Do you still play the drums? When was the last time you were in a band? Do you miss it? "
  • Elin
" Hi Mike! I loved the Soldiers video I have an idea about what I think it means. Could you tell me if there is any meaning behind the video itself? "
  • Elin
" A lot of people say its hard to make a living from music but how are you finding it? do you think its easier for djs than bands? "
  • goagoa
" your still starting out but what will have to happen for you to think "Ive made it"? "
  • account_circleSageBanya
" Hey Mike, will there be a Music video of I Just Wanna Know? "
  • account_circleKurt Berlin
" why did you choose the name Mike Hawkins? Were there any other names you were thinking of chosing? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" Why did you leave spinnin for Armada? Was it easy to make that decision? How do you think things will be different now? "
  • account_circlelinz
" What was your inspiration for 'I Just Wanna Know' "
  • account_circleJustin Brown
" I know you have said you are vegan and a peace loving guy before so what you think about happened today with #blacklivesmatter and the cops getting sh... "
  • account_circleTezD
" what kind of music do you listen to growing up? "
  • account_circlefabio
" Hi Mike, I love your music, what is your favourite music? "
  • account_circleFinkbat
" What's the most important album in your life? "
  • account_circleGoldberg
" Do you like alcohol? What's your drink? "
  • account_circleIves
" What's the biggest fear of your life so far? "
  • account_circleGoldberg
" Are you proud to be Danish? If so, of what? "
  • account_circleGreatDane
" Whats the fastest you've ever completed a song? Do good things always take time? "
  • goagoa
" outside of music what do you enjoy to do? "
  • account_circlefabio
" Would you ever be down to collab on a track with an unknown producer? You follow me on twitter but I'd love to work with you, shoot me an @ if you'd l... "
  • account_circlejustinedgeLA
" Hi Mike!Will you back to your old Arabican music style? "
  • account_circleTural
  • PsyraxXx
" Hi Mike, what is the biggest mistake you ever made? "
  • account_circleDerby
" Hi, what do you think you'll be doing 40 years from now "
  • account_circlebybb
" What do you like better? Producing or performing? "
  • account_circleJustin Green
" can you please tell me if am I going in the right direction with my music production? "
  • Manoj Mavchi
" What has been, in your opinion, the most interesting moment of your career so far? "
  • account_circleFerro
" Hi Mike. "I just wanna know" how long it took to create this amazing tune? "
  • account_circleNatalia
" If you weren't making electronic music what kind of music would you want to make? "
  • account_circleSputnik7
" Where do you see yourself in 5 years time. "
  • account_circleSputnik7
" What do you do in your free time "
  • account_circleLisaP
" Where are you living now? Is their any city you should like to be based and why? "
  • account_circleLisaP
" Mike, do you like football? What team you support? And second question is, what song do you think is the main summer hit at this moment? "
  • Kirill Tsvetkov
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