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Check out Opeth's answers from the time they did an asQme with their Japanese fans!
" Tell us about that opening intro sound(which i really like) before your entrance on stage. How did you choose that? Where is it come from? Will you ev... "
  • account_circlegeomel
" Hey Opeth! Mikael, you have often cited Comus and Goblin as examples of two bands from the 70's that have really influenced you as a musician. What ar... "
  • Charles Anderson
" Hi Opeth, big fan. I noticed that your sound live and in studio is quite different - the guitars are often the same/similar (PRS with Vintage Bass/HF... "
  • account_circleJacob
" After having written so much music over the past couple of decades, how do you differentiate the good songs from the bad ones during the writing proce... "
  • Diäb Soufflé
" Hi Opeth. What could we expect from the next Opeth album? I know you get this alot, but can we expect some of your merciless growls again Mike? Thanks... "
  • Arian Rezaie
" Hello, Opeth! What are some of your guys' favorite books that you've read? What books have made you guys think the most and influenced your lives the ... "
  • account_circleTony Fischer
" Hi Mikael and Fred! It's been more than ten years that your music inspires me on a daily basis and I would like to thank you for that! I saw you live ... "
  • account_circleSheima
" If you could put together your ultimate fantasy supergroup to record an album, who would be in it? - living or dead "
  • account_circleJeff C
" Hi, Mikael! I love your clean vocals. Who are your main vocal influences? "
  • account_circlemochimochi
" The new Deliverance & Damnation 'book set' is coming! I can't wait to hear the new mixes. Do you plan on revisiting your first three albums for re... "
  • account_circleleitmotif
" When you sing and play your songs,how do they make you feel,do they bring you to other places that you have never seen or a time that never passed? "
  • Викторија Лазова
" Hi Opeth! Do you ever plan to share any unreleased recordings from your back catalogue? I know there are a couple of songs that didn't make it on the ... "
  • account_circleDaniel T
" A song that's really stuck with me off newest album is Faith In Others. It's such a moving and beautifully written track and one of the best pieces of... "
  • account_circleMike
" Hey mike!! Can you tell us about the main influence for still life's concept? :D "
  • Juan Bonilla
" Hi Mikael, I know you are an avid collector of vinyl records, but what is the record you are most proud to have in your collection and why? Also, just... "
  • account_circleDiggy
" Hi Mikael ! My daughter is 7 years old and she LOVES your music. I play it daily and she can't get enough of it her favorite song is Ghost of perditi... "
  • account_circleJesse
" what is the song Burden about? Who is it about? "
  • Sadra Es
" Greetings, Opeth! Mikael, having such an extensive vinyl collection, is there a particular record that you are looking for and would love to have in y... "
  • account_circleJeff C
" Hey guys. I know you've said when Opeth first started you were into satanism. What are your thoughts on the norwegian black metal scene of the early 9... "
  • account_circleOpethrules
" Hey Mikael, what are some of your favorite movies from the past 10 years, & have any of them influenced Opeth? "
  • account_circleBlaine
" Mikael ! I've seen you guys play live 5 times now and will be seeing you in New York this October! You guys always change up your set lists and that's... "
  • account_circleCaprillion
" I have VIP tickets for the Berlin show and i will be travelling from Greece to meet you guys. Will we be able to join the soundcheck process that day?... "
  • account_circlegeomel
" Hi Fred & Mike! almost all his songs have been written by Mike Åkerfeldt (are superb!!) then, Mike: ¿would you accept sing something written by me? (O... "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hi Mike, finally I have the chance to talk to you! I want to ask something about your growls (not if you're gonna use them again in your records, it's... "
  • Daniele Pitzoi
" Hi Opeth, have you ever played with a fan during soundcheck? I love playing A Leper Affinity, it’s a big dream to play it with you (if not a fairly ha... "
  • account_circleJacob
" Hi Opeth, hi Mikael! Mikael, could you tell us if there's a philosopher and/or philosophical theory that was an influence for you, during the making o... "
  • Zoe Fragoulopoulou
" If you look backwards: what are your most outstanding achievements in your opinion and which are the biggest mistakes you have made? "
  • account_circleAndraz
" Hi Opeth, what song is most difficult to perform live? And Mikael, what type of vinyl player (brand, model, pickup) do you use for your precious recor... "
  • Emil Östberg
" Opeth lyrics are a wealth of new English words for the common speaker. How did you guys get to such an elevated level? "
  • Kenny Billiau
" What is your favorite song to play live? "
  • Bradley Deth Lightfoot
" Greetings Opeth! What is your karaoke song of choice? Thank you for your brilliance "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" From what do you draw inspiration for Opeth lyrics? Not only for subjects, but also related to structure, rhythm, rhyme, form,... "
  • Kenny Billiau
" Peace. I have been looking at the lyrics of your songs and it seems to me that you are well versed in the mysteries of God. You speak about Mich... "
  • Rafa Kim
" Hi guys. You've played some amazing unique shows like the Plovdiv and Royal Albert Hall shows! If there are any other unique format events you have be... "
  • account_circlestillday
" What inspired the lyrics of Coil? They are so powerful and really did change my life, so I always wondered what lies behind them? "
  • Gabaro
" I was listening to Watershed and Ghost Reveries the other day. The clean vocals are really strong over heavy material. Are you ever considering releas... "
  • Matt Barys
" What do you consider to be your most underrated song? (for me it's betweeen "
  • Eric Cotter
" Why did you charge so much for the book? "
  • account_circleroyphish
" What inspired the lyrics for Watershed, and a bit more information about that album. It's my favorite and most listened album so far, and some of the ... "
  • account_circleVanja
" Hi Opeth ! i'am a huge fan of u ! u guys are my inspiration and your music is just so uplifting that no matter how m feeling it makes me feel good ! i... "
  • Safé Sindy
" Do you intend to play more songs from Pale Communion live? River would be killer live! "
  • account_circleThinsulite
" Will you ever play with an orchestra again? Would you film it? "
  • account_circleThinsulite
" What would you suggest on improving the tone of your sound for guitarists? "
  • account_circleAnand
" Hi guys! I want to ask you, what is the most remarkable memory you have from touring with the band and how do you see yourself in 10 to 20 years? "
  • Vasil Georgiev
" Those of you involved in other bands or musical projects, has your work outside of Opeth affected Opeth's own musical directions and production? If so... "
  • Neil Rumachik
" SALUTATIONS, from a life-long Opeth fan. Mikael, I wanted to ask how you manage to balance family life and your creative pursuits over the years. I am... "
  • Richard Smythe
" Hello Mikael and Fredrik! What do you guys think about Orchid and Morningrise, regarding how they are to play and soundwise? Do you still stand by and... "
  • account_circleFlyingSeaDragons
" Can you tell us a bit about the concept story of My Arms Your Hearse, and maybe its inspiration? "
  • account_circleFlyingSeaDragons
" Do you ever look back on any of the tracks you previously recorded and wonder, wow, I was in a very strange or dark place when I wrote and recorded th... "
  • Geoffrey Alexander Phaneuf
" Hey Mikael, first I am a big fan of your music and would like to thank you for sharing such a beautiful mix of deep lyrics and touching music with the... "
  • Gorgûl Morianna
" Do you guys ever plan on releasing a guitar/bass tablature book for any of your albums? "
  • account_circleElrayhe
" Will you release a videotape for the Ghost Reveries Anniversary Tour? Please say yes :D "
  • Saxo Miko No Mola
" hey mike!! do you think one day opeth would come to iran for a show? "
  • Armin Penhan
" You're gonna play some Ghost Reveries songs live for the first time ever. Is there something about those songs that makes it difficult to perform them... "
  • account_circlejoni
" Greetings Mike! How possible is for Opeth to turn into an avant-garde rock/metal band? "
  • Yannis Patoukas
" Would you consider asking Martin Lopez to rejoin Opeth again? "
  • 神半
" Would Opeth ever perform in South Africa, given the chance ? "
  • Jordan du Toit
" will there be a cd/dvd from the concert in Plovdiv, Bulgaria ? "
  • Hadjiivan Donchev
" Why does opeth never play beneath the mire or reverie/harlequin Forrest live? "
  • Attila Huntzamill Valasquez
" Hi Mikael, I just wanted to know, do you have any ideas or plan for a new album even though it's quite early? "
  • Bradley Deth Lightfoot
" What are some of the lesser-known bands or artists that you listen to regularly? "
  • Neil Rumachik
" Hey guys! This question might be for Mikael specifically but it doesn't matter who answers. Will you guys ever touch back with your death metal sound?... "
  • account_circleJosh A
" Hello Mikael and Fredrik! What do you guys think about Orchid and Morningrise, regarding how they are to play and soundwise? Do you still stand by and... "
  • account_circleFlyingSeaDragons
" What do you consider to be your most underrated song? (for me it's betweeen "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Any plans for more songs sung in Swedish? "
  • Oleg Rusu
" Who was your mentor when growing up as a musician and a person? "
  • Matias Ärrälä
" Hello my name is Emilio I´m a huge fan of black, death, heavy, and trash metal and I also love all of your albums, but I also love classical music and... "
  • Milo Parini
" If you had to pick three favourite songs that you as a band have written, what would they be? "
  • account_circleJ0SH
" What inspired you to become musicians and how old were you when you began playing music? If you could listen to only five bands for the rest of your l... "
  • Steven Mal
" Hello! I wanted to ask you what is your favorite opeth song and why. "
  • account_circleTheo C.
" Hi guys, which song from your discography has not had the expected success ? "
  • Xavier Marot
" Greetings creatures of the northern lands! How often nowadays does Opeth simply 'jam it out' as a source of new creative material, or is the first ... "
  • Scott Leopold
" Mikael if you could play a setlist of Opeth material without worrying about pleasing the fans, would the set list be mostly heavy stuff or softer stu... "
  • account_circleCaprillion
" Hi Mikael, I loved to ask you about the way you compose Opeth's music, I mean there are a lot of things in the harmony that are VERY strange, dissonan... "
  • Sebastian Arias
" When will you come to Thailand "
  • Prichat Rawaiwiang
" Hey Mikael, how did you "
  • Derek Barnes
" Would you like to work again with Swanö? "
  • Gerardo A Salgado
" Will the cyrillic script T-shirt be available in the merch store? I'd love to get one, since I'm a bulgarian and sadly I couldn't go to the concert. "
  • Martin Markovsky
" Do you feel that there's anything typically Swedish to your music or not at all? "
  • account_circleJohan Schoors
" Is Opeth your favourite band? "
  • Mario Morales Cardenas
" Hey guys, what was the first song that grabbed your complete attention and made you a music fan from that moment on? "
  • Jamie Jimmy Warren
" Hey Mikael, I was wondering if you had any stories from working with Steven Wilson on Storm Corrosion or the Opeth records he produced. What was it li... "
  • Evan Haydon-Selkirk
" Hi guys!! Your next álbum will be like Heritage and Pale Comunnion or Your will come back to The Dark and beatiful origins of Opeth? And you will be p... "
  • account_circleAlejandro Guerrero
" Your concert in Plovdiv sounded like an amazing night - unfortunately I live more than 9000 km from that venue and could in no way afford to attend - ... "
  • Chris Muller
" Hi Mike, this is not a question but a big thank you because I met my girlfriend at Opeth's show in Monterrey. I owe you my happines man "
  • Jorge Jiménez
" hello opeth!! your studio albums before heritage were mix of clean vocal and growl songs .Does heritage and pale communion represent modern progressiv... "
  • account_circleritesh
" How has your outlook on being in a band, songwriting and the music industry changed in the last 25 years? "
  • account_circleElrayhe
" What do you consider to be your most underrated song? (for me it's betweeen "
  • Eric Cotter
" When you were younger I expect you dreamed of being a rock star like your idols at the time, where do your flights of fancy take you now? Any unrealis... "
  • Mark Donnison
" Are you a metal version of Pink Floyd? The answer is yes if you ask Me... "
  • Aleksandar Kolundžija
" i watched you at your concert in gagarin (athens) it was realy amazing but you seemed a litle tired and a litle bored for playing in greece, it had to... "
  • Costas Bougoulias
" Mikael, if you were asked to write a songtheme for three movies, which movies would you pick and why? "
  • account_circleDave
" Have you ever had to take a shit while you were playing a show? "
  • Justin Hughes
" Over the years Opeth has played around with different genres of music, everything from jazz, progressive rock and death metal. Is their a genre that y... "
  • Josh Janzen Thiessen
" What does Babymetal mean to the future of metal? "
  • Dave Branson Smith
" Hi Mikael and Fred, as I´ve known, just 4 tracks of Pale Communion have been played live so far, are you planing to play any other like Moon above in ... "
  • Marcelo Olivares
" Greetings creatures of the Northern lands! Do you have any particular location, environment or season that assists in the creative process more th... "
  • Scott Leopold
" The massive amount of touring you guys have done the past 10 years must take its toll mentally and physically. If tomorrow your record label/manager s... "
  • account_circleMikesrad
" Mikael, when talking about first joining Opeth, you mention that David Isberg fired the rest of the band members so that he could work with you. How d... "
  • account_circleGaddy
" If Opeth could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would it be and what genre of metal do you think it'd fall under? Also, I missed you g... "
  • Chey Anne
" For the whole band, respectively, boxers or briefs? I think a lot of the girls and some of the guys are curious! "
  • Chey Anne
" As I listened to your music, I've noticed one particular repeating trend in songs that you write. Why is it that you consistently write into your son... "
  • Tyler Ravensong
" Hello! I love your change of sound since Heritage, but have you start doing new material and if so is it going to be heavier again? "
  • Patrik Řezáč
" Greetings Mike! How possible is for Opeth to turn into an "
  • Yannis Patoukas
" Hi, Mikael. Recently you've played "
  • Rui Godinho
" Any chance to record with a symphonic orchestra? I believe that Opeth's music is pointing towards that direction. "
  • Alan Morell Valios
" Hello, Opeth has a relatively large fan base in Cairo,Egypt. Would you consider playing a show there? "
  • Farouque Akef
" Will you release a record like Blackwater Park or Deliverance? "
  • Doğa Bartık
" What was in your head when you release the record called Heritage? "
  • Doğa Bartık
" Do you have anything to regret in your career? "
  • Doğa Bartık
" What is more important for you when you write a song, lyrical themes or melodies? "
  • Doğa Bartık
" Hi Mikael, wish you have a good day! Will you cover a song from your favourite bands in the future releases? That's really important for me. "
  • Doğa Bartık
" Hello, Mikael! Now that you have sung "Drag Ropes" with Steven Wilson live, is there a greater possibility that we will hear more live performances of... "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hi, Mikael! Did Melinda like the babymetal dolls I gave to her through you, at Carioca Club - Sao Paulo? "
  • Luiz Carlos
" What are your top 5 favorite albums of all time? "
  • Aaron
" Which artist/group is your biggest musical influence and why? "
  • Aaron
" Mikael, Thanks for the opportunity - I'm a huge fan. Someone else has already asked you about unreleased tracks so I'll leave that one, but one of ... "
  • account_circleMonolithika
" Mikael, you've said before that Camel/Andy Latimer is a big influence on your way of writing and playing music. When was it that you discovered their ... "
  • Lennart
" ​ Hi Mike, you're my source of inspiration and the reason why i still buy new records. As a musician (not good like you and the guys :) ) i would like... "
  • account_circleFrancesco Magliano
" First of all, huge thanks for doing this! My question is about the harmonies in songs like "
  • Doron Segal
" What songs that had never been played live, would you like to be played live? "
  • Gerardo A Salgado
" Hi Opeth! I've seen you guys playing in Chile and in Stockholm, and is very weird for me to see a prog/rock/metal band playing in front of a lot of se... "
  • Katerine Antil Martini
" Hi Mikael, can you tell us how did you meet with Steven Wilson and can we say he is a part of Opeth like you, or he is just a talented musician who l... "
  • Burak Erkeç
" have you read sunbird? btw ill see you tonight! "
  • Rasmus Martin Langum Øien
" I remember the concert you did in Royal Albert Hall 2010. In Hope Leaves, Akesson played a guitar solo which was unusually beautful for Opeth as it ha... "
  • Mehran Hossain
" Hello guys. How come you don't play ''When'' at gigs at all? It's a really nice track we all love! "
  • account_circleHarry
  • account_circleJossessed
" My two favourite things on this planet are Opeth and Will Ferrell, what do you guys think of Will Ferrell? "
  • Melissa Walters
" David Sylvian! Do you guys know his music? I think it should be of your interest, maybe. Songs like Some Kind of Fool, or Orpheus, for example. Try it... "
  • account_circleLorenzoTosi
" mike this may seem stupid to you but do you think you can regain your voice of the MAYH era? "
  • Biplav Adhikari
" Will opeth play demon of the fall at rockefeller and dedicate it to me ? Petter is my name "
  • Petter Gjestad
" blondes or brunettes? "
  • Biplav Adhikari
" Hi Mikael, I look forward to seeing you VIP IN NYC. Now that Pale Communion has been released, where do you guys see the music taking you on the n... "
  • Kevin S. Barry
" Question for Mikael - Ghost Reveries was the only album where you used the tuning open d minor 9, and every single song you recorded in that tuning wa... "
  • account_circleNot Angela Murkel
" Hej guys, cheers from Japan! I wonder if you ever thought about recording songs in swedish as Mikael's voice sounds so amazing in your first language ... "
  • account_circleCarol Misokane
" Was the decreased gain in the guitars with Pale Communion a conscious decision or just as a result of evolution as a band? It's an interesting decisio... "
  • account_circleNot Angela Murkel
" When make a Dvd in Chile ??? "
  • Jonas Palape Richter
" Hi, this question is for Mikael: How did you learn to sing? (Both growl and clean vocals) "
  • Fredrik Borg
" Do you ever look back on any of the tracks you recorded and wonder, "
  • Geoffrey Alexander Phaneuf
" Dear Mikael, how interesting do you think that your latest two albums are? (From zzz! to zzzzzz! level) "
  • Peter Dallas
" Where do you get the big inspiration to make such opeth good songs? "
  • Jairo Ordaz Moreno
" Hey guys! What happened to your signature PRS models? It's like they vanished, even missing on your live shows. Are you working up something new with ... "
  • account_circleRasmus C
" What is your favorite 'Opeth'-song? "
  • account_circleOwie
" In the Watershed album booklet, those signs in the end could be decoded to the lyrics? "
  • account_circlehalfer
" If you could change time in a way so that your favorite record was written by you, would you do it? "
  • account_circleTheo C.
" Hi everyone in opeth. I wanted to ask what touring felt in terms day to day feelings and activities between show. Are you constantly in the same room ... "
  • account_circleHamza
" What did inspired you to write the drapery falls? "
  • Josias Octavio Ruiz Osorio
" Hey guys. I wonder, if I brough some traditional polish food for you, like "
  • account_circleIseous
" Hey guys. I wonder, if I brough some traditional polish food for you, like "
  • account_circleIseous
" Hi, Opeth. Mikael, do you really love Steven Wilson ? I love you mustache. "
  • account_circleGabriel Mendes
" Hello, guys! I've always wondered what changed for you between "
  • Christina Vukova
" Hi guys. I wonder that will you do a stuff like prog death metal in the future projects. And do you like LOTR by the way? "
  • Doğa Bartık
" Hey Mikael, I saw you perform Storm Corrosion for the first time with Steven Wilson at the Royal Albert Hall, are there any plans on a second release... "
  • Matthew Williams
" Hello Mike! What is your favorite opeth song? And if possibie, could you tell me the songs the other members like? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hi Mike! I find your lyrics exquisite. When/Where does your lyrical inspiration come from? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Hi Mike! I find your lyrics exquisite. When/Where does your lyrical inspiration come from? "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Mikael do you have an old recording of your first song I Hate Hip Hop? Can we hear it one day? Do you still hate hip hop? "
  • account_circleMikesrad
" You guys play long shows these days. Have you ever had to use the toilet so bad you almost had to stop the show and run to the bathroom? "
  • account_circleMikesrad
" Hi Opeth, I would like to know how was your beginning playing your instruments. How much time at day did you practice, have you studied musical theory... "
  • account_circleDiego R
" Will you record the concert at the London Palladium? "
  • Eric Cotter
" Will there be a Ghost Reveries 25th Anniversary Tour? Ghost Reveries is probably my favourite album of all time and I would love to see it live! "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" What does your families and loved ones think of your music? Also, does anyone in the band have perfect pitch? "
  • Johan Martin
" When on tour you play the same set for many nights. How do you keep it interesting? Do you ever get tired of music? And if so, what stimulates you to ... "
  • account_circleJeroen Frank
" Hi Opeth! Did you guys ever got "
  • Odjin Tsume
" Dear Mikael Åkerfeldt, Which is the most rare item in your record collection and which is the most expensive? Best regards, Alexander Skot... "
  • account_circleAlexander Skottene Twiss
" Hello Opeth, will you ever come to Orlando, Florida? "
  • account_circlemegustaopeth
" hi, Opeth, this is a question for Frederic: Do you love prog rock as Mikael? "
  • account_circleCarlos Regalado
" Are you releasing any live material from this tour...have you ever considered releasing full shows on your website...? I'd get them all..!! "
  • account_circleJim Sheridan
" Mikael, I heard from a few friends that at some point you left Opeth to spend more time w/ your family, but I can't find anywhere online supporting th... "
  • Dee Vee
" I've a question about the meaning behind the following lyrics from my second favorite song of all time, 'Ghost of Perdition': "
  • Dee Vee
" What are the meaning behind your tattoos, Mike? "
  • account_circleAnand
" Hi Mikael. Are you still in contact with Peter Lindgren and what's your relationship with him nowadays? "
  • Bojan G. Ostojić
" Are you interested in videogames? Do you play them? "
  • Psycho26
" I was wondering whether Mikael writes specific parts for all of the instruments in the band or just comes up with the riffs/leads/chord progressions? ... "
  • Jimmy Olsen
" Do you like this song? "
  • Areg Gevorgyan
" Hey, Mikael! You've recently played "
  • Rui Godinho
" What do you think about CD's being just plastic waste in the end and thus threatening our environment? "
  • account_circledan
" Hi Mike, been a fan for ten years now. Ghost of Perdition is one of my favorite songs (possible being edged out by River) but I just want to know what... "
  • Matt Massie
" Hi Mike, how do you feel the new direction of your music is an improvement over the older heavier stuff? In a general sense, what do you enjoy more ab... "
  • Matt Massie
" Hej Mikael! You are a huge inspiration to me. I would like to know what your songwriting proces is like. Thanks a lot! - Peter "
  • account_circlePeterKiel
" Hello Mikael! I heard something about that you liked a band called Fantasia? Is it true because they're from my hometown. "
  • account_circleAngryFinn
" Made a mistake with my previous question, I should have said 8-bar phrases, not 16. Since I can't seem to edit the question now, here's the edit. "
  • Tyler Ravensong
" I love Martin Lopez , do you? "
  • account_circlePlenovo
" greetings, what tunings do you use ... thanks very much, jim harkins wakefield, massachusetts usa "
  • Jim Harkins
" Hi Mike! Are there any plans for a second Storm Corrosion album, and would you and Steven Wilson go on tour for it? (If so, please come to the US!) "
  • account_circleRegan
" Hi mikael have you ever consider release a symphonic album of opeth , such as Ian Anderson solo albuns ? "
  • Seuqramm Airaf
" How many vinyl do you have in your personal collection , do you have anything from brazilian music such as casa das maquinas , terço or violeta de out... "
  • Thatyana Akerfeldt
" Would you consider a reunion with Bloodbath of any kind? Also are there any plans for touring in Canada? "
  • account_circlegboy
" Hi Mikael, are there any plans to EVER play Black Rose Immortal live? "
  • Darren Romain
" Hey Mikael, I've seen you in pictures wearing a beautiful fur collard/ corduroy coat(I've seen it less and less on you in the past years). Where did y... "
  • Darren Romain
" Could you give us a rundown of your recording process, I've seen photos where there is a reel to reel 24 track in the background. Do you mix old and ... "
  • account_circleREMOVED
" Mikael I love u! Mr. Wilson and you want to do something new with storm corrosion? "
  • account_circleKevin Olvera
" I remember the concert you did in Royal Albert Hall in 2010. In "
  • Mehran Hossain
" I remember the concert you did in Royal Albert Hall in 2010. In "
  • Mehran Hossain
" I remember the concert you did in Royal Albert Hall 2010. In "
  • Mehran Hossain
" Hey Mike, how is your life generally? You've been composing, singing in Opeth over 25 years. How was your life? Are you happy and what is being Opeth,... "
  • Furkan Keskin
" Do you guys in the band prefer touring in winter or summer "
  • Jordan du Toit
" Will Opeth record a brutal album again? Is it true Mike don't want to do brutal vocals? "
  • İrfan Turunç
" Hey! big fan ever since i heard i heard harlequin forest,it may well be still my favourite song may i ask where the inspiration for such an amazing so... "
  • Mitchell Koerner
" Hi Mikael, will you do album,song or gig with Bloodbath? "
  • account_circleDerlandsson
" Can i play with you??? ..... "
  • Suhaib Ouroboros
" Hi Opeth ! i'am a huge fan of u ! u guys are my inspiration and your music is just so uplifting that no matter how m feeling it makes me feel good ! i... "
  • Safé Sindy
" Hi Mikael, Did you ever/do you currently take any vocal lessons or do any specific exercises to keep your voice in shape? I love how you have expanded... "
  • Derek Barnes
" As the next concert in France is sold out, when will be the next in France (near Paris if possible :) ) "
  • Florian Besnard
" Hi Mikael, how did you "
  • Derek Barnes
" Hi Mike, How can you be so calm on the stage between the songs? That's awersome, man! / Tamás from Hungary "
  • Tamás Gáspár
" Got 2 tickets for the 14th at TivolieVredenburg? "
  • account_circleRenaat
" Hi,got 2 tickets for the 14th at TivoliVredenburg? "
  • account_circleRenaat
" Hello,what genres or musical ideas do you feel you can still touch on in future. Also could you come to the Azores "
  • account_circlemusicfan
" Hey there Opeth, we will see Ghost Reveries songs first played on this tour more often on future? "
  • Gabriel David
" Which artist or band would you say has inspired you the most? "
  • Håkan Norberg
" Hey Mikael Why You stop growling in the two last albums , and i'm wainting for new songs and works and i wish you come to tunisia,Opeth you're the epi... "
  • Tarek Sayedi
" Cats or dogs or goats? "
  • Williams Jimenez
" Would you ever show your asshole at a show? "
  • Wouter Eppink
" Hey Mikael, I'm one of your biggest fans and as a guitarist my only wish is to play one of your songs with you live, as for my question what made the ... "
  • Mohamed T. Mishmish
" Hi Mikael! I love your voice, how do you do to sing the clean voice and the growls? Cheers from México! "
  • F̶r̶a̶n̶c̶i̶s̶c̶o̶ F̶j̶e̶l̶l̶s̶t̶r̶ö̶m̶
" The last two albums have meant a change of sound. I like them. But Opeth Will he return to the sound that characterized it, and when we new album? "
  • Francis Flete
" You've thought about doing an album without clean vocals, while retaining the sound of the band? Any misunderstanding in which I write, blame the G... "
  • Francis Flete
" Why You didn't record growls anymore? "
  • Matias Gimenez
" Hi Mike!! Do you like Dream Theater, and Don't you enero think about Make a song.with the P.D. You rule!!!! :) "
  • account_circleKevin Olvera
" Hiiiii Mikael!!!! How was your esperience in your first live show? Where you nervious? And do you belived that you will become wath you are now? "
  • account_circleKevin Olvera
" Hello Mike! Wath do you felt When you were invited to participate in the "
  • account_circleKevin Olvera
" Hi members of Opeth, I'm sorry to admit that I know very little about your music, but a very dear friend of mine is probably the biggest fan of yours ... "
  • Diana Leticia Covarrubias
" Hey Mikael ! Can you tell me who is behind the amazing piano piece "
  • Sylvain
" Hey Mikael ! Can you tell me who is behind the amazing piano piece "
  • Sylvain
" Have you read "
  • Rasmus Martin Langum Øien
" Have you read "
  • Rasmus Martin Langum Øien
" How are Lindgren and Lopez doing? :) "
  • Daniel Martinez
" Hey guys, with your latest release, Pale Communion, I've found that despite it being unlike your older material it is a darker sounding album than you... "
  • Amal Barot