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" Hi Opeth, big fan. I noticed that your sound live and in studio is quite different - the guitars are often the same/similar (PRS with Vintage Bass/HFS), but the rest of your chain is different. Your clean, in particular, is absolutely astounding in studio, so I wonder: What do you do to achieve this? Is it the guitar, the amps, or some studio wizardry of some sorts? Bonus: I know that Steven Wilson did a trip to the PRS factory and went through guitars until he found one that really spoke to him, even among the same models. I heard the story about how you got the CE24 on Blackwater Park. Since then, have you picked your PRS guitars with as much scrutiny as SW, or do they just send you stuff? Also, do you still have/play the CE24? (IF NOT, CAN I BUY IT?) "

todayOct 7th 2015 @ 09:00PM
phonelink asked Sep 30th 2015 @ 08:50PM
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