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" what kind of music did you grow up listening to? "
  • account_circledragondrop
" a lot of djs have got themselves in twitter arguments and stuff like that are there any djs you have a rivalry with tell us about it "
  • account_circlelinz
" you seem like a happy dude but what was the last thing you got angry about? "
  • account_circleJan
" Hi Sam, When did you start DJing - and what or who were your early passions and influences? :) "
  • Angela Duazo
" If you could choose another DJ name what would it be??? "
  • Wyatt Stevenson
" Hey Sam! Alles goed? Do you have any influences that you think your fans might find surprising? "
  • account_circlesharpy
" what do you think when you see a good coment of your work? Greetings from Mexico Puebla, and so much kisses "
  • account_circleYasmin
" what do your parents think of your career and music? "
  • account_circleChrisJ
" if you had your own record label who would you most want to sign to it and why? "
  • account_circleChrisJ
" whats the most messed up dream you can remember having "
  • account_circleutrecht
" Who are the artists we should be paying attention to right now? "
  • account_circleAdam Keith
" You said you have to be a nerd to be a DJ... star wars or star trek? favorite character and why! "
  • account_circledeadboy
" are there any records you regret buying? "
  • account_circletomastech
" How much do you think image matters in dance music? Do you think it should? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" You play a lot of festivals and shows are there any tracks you think are overplayed and wish you never had to hear again? "
  • account_circlerut ger
" Are u working fast when u have the melody developed or u prefer to taking ur time without feeling saturation in ur head when u are listening many time... "
  • account_circleConrad Phillip
" Hi Sam! Will you be playing at any after parties after Amserdam Open Air? Also- saw you in Chicago! Can't wait until you come back! :) "
  • Kelsey Draus
" Whats the best part about being a DJ? "
  • Bilal Chaudhry
" How did you manage to do your first collaborations? "
  • account_circleHesagorn
" Where did you learn to mix your tracks? Any favorite plugins? "
  • Jake Willms
" If you will get married, assuming you are not at the moment, who will play at your wedding party? "
  • Daniel Tesselaar
" Whos the most overrated DJ right now? "
  • account_circleAdam Keith
" Hi Sam! Dance music seems dominated by guys. As an aspiring female DJ I was wondering if there are any women in the music industry (not just DJs could... "
  • account_circleMinmin
" You hear a lot about DJs having crazy riders for shows. Whats the craziest thing you ever asked for on your rider? "
  • account_circleAndy D
" Hi Sam, Greetings from Philippines What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it? "
  • Angela Duazo
" avicii is retiring from playing shows. what do you think about DJs doing that? is it something you could ever see yourself having to do? "
  • account_circlekidchamo
" whats the biggest screw up you ever made during a show "
  • account_circletomastech
" What are the things you most dislike about the music industry? "
  • account_circleaye aye
" What inspire/drives to stay on your awesome game? Love/obsessed with your music. Amazing stuff. Can't wait for Webster hall! "
  • account_circlecvvalencia
" when did you realize that you wanted to be a producer? "
  • account_circleJames Bethnal
" which artist has been the biggest inspiration to you? "
  • account_circledragondrop
" Do you think the EDM craze will come to a grinding hault in the next five years or will it always thrive? "
  • account_circlebtomczyk
" yo sam. are there any songs that you are embarrassed to admit that you like? "
  • account_circlecarlz
" who inspires you outside of music and why? "
  • account_circlemelissa f
" love your music man. can you tell me a bit about your creative process and what percentage of tracks you write end up getting released "
  • account_circlefranco
" you've done some sick remixes, which was the hardest to pull off and which are you most proud of and why? "
  • account_circleoscar
" What's more important to you fame or the respect of other musicians? "
  • account_circletoby fish
" You usually headline these days, but if you were playing the early slot and had to warmup the dancefloor rather than going all out how would you start... "
  • account_circleProdeejee
" do u have a phrase or something u say often "
  • account_circlebellla
" What do you usually drink before, during and after a show? "
  • account_circleleanne
" If you could pick any singer in the world to work with, who would it be and why? "
  • Lucas Sachs
" If you had to choose one movie or serie to watch for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why? Xx :) "
  • account_circleHttpsade
" what advice do you have for someone thinking about a career in music? "
  • account_circledragondrop
" Could you say something in Spanish? Greetings from Peru! ❤️ "
  • Patty
" Do you tink tropical/Deep house is blending in with pop music and do you think its a bad thing? "
  • account_circleIamyourbrother!!!
" whats the longest you ever went without sleeping "
  • account_circlesuedestrom
" Other than equipment for your shows what items are indispensable when you are on tour "
  • account_circleAdam Keith
" Do you have a pre show ritual or superstition "
  • account_circleAdam Keith
" Have you always made music as sam feldt or were you ever part of another act or used a different name "
  • account_circleAdam Keith
" what are you going to do when you are in nyc? we should hang "
  • account_circleteller
" know any good jokes? shoot "
  • account_circleteller
" what are the most impressive venues / shows that you have played so far "
  • account_circleJames Bethnal
" what do you think of classical music "
  • account_circlebeatshoven
" funnyest thing that ever happend at 1 of ur shows "
  • account_circleclarkson
" bionic hand or bionic arm "
  • account_circleclarkson
" Hey what does Sam Feldt's ideal day off look like "
  • account_circlehairy potter
" what are the best cities you have visited so far and why do you like em "
  • account_circlepatpat
" Out of all the people you have worked with who would you most want to work with again and who would you least want to? "
  • account_circleevra
" which dutch phrase should i use if i wanna impress a dutchman "
  • account_circlecarolineP
" what do you do on a rainy day? "
  • account_circlecarolineP
" What's the best record you listened to in the last week? "
  • account_circlefabio
" do you drive and what kind of car?? "
  • account_circlefabio
" if you hadn't become a producer what do you think you would be doing right now? "
  • account_circlemike p
" is a career as a producer lucrative? "
  • account_circlemike p
" when did you actually start producing music? "
  • account_circlemike p
" Hi Sam! How has touring effected your social life? Do you have much time to yourself and for seeing friends? "
  • account_circleAzeeza
" what are the hotest up and coming acts in holland right now "
  • account_circleSageBanya
" Whats the biggest different between the US and European electronic music scenes? "
  • account_circleSageBanya
" Hey Sam! Where you a good student? "
  • account_circleerika
" Is Sam Feldt your real name? "
  • account_circleerika
" So far in your career who have you been most stoked about playing alongside? "
  • account_circleedmun
" Are there any countries you'd like to play that you haven't been able to yet? "
  • account_circlealbi40
" What's your favorite movie of all time? "
  • account_circlealbi40
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