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" What's the best advice Fat Mike has given you? "
  • Ian
" If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be? "
  • Darryl Masterson
" What punk album influenced your sound? "
  • Ian
" Quick gear runthrough? (Live amps, pedals) "
  • account_circleChrisS41
" Hi Bombpops! What song are you guys most proud of? "
  • Ian
" What are your feelings towards people with a Bombpops tattoo? If you dig them, what are their chances of getting a photo with you guys at an upcoming... "
  • account_circleMike V
" y'all down with the clown er wut? "
  • account_circlekittietitties
" What is your song process like? What to keep, when to discard the entire song and whatever. In another interview you stated Fat Mike kept the song Swe... "
  • Alphonso John
" What are your biggest pet peeves with each other? "
  • account_circleJolisa
" Does Be Sweet pay homage to Rooftops from the Alkaline Trio/HWM split from way back when or is the similar sound simply coincidence? "
  • Jordan Morales
" I often see you guys get described as a female fronted pop punk band. Do you think that label is necessary? How do you feel about that? "
  • account_circlePeter Elliot
" What is the first song you wrote and also released? "
  • Darryl Masterson
" Poli, what's your favorite thing about Jen? What does she do that's annoying? "
  • account_circleMable Syndrome (Kristen & Jessica)
" Any plans on a Europe tour? "
  • account_circleChrisS41
" Will there be any future projects or shows for "PAYOFF"? "
  • account_circleShawn B
" Will there be any future projects or shows for "PAYOFF"? "
  • account_circleShawn B
" What's your favorite Bad Cop / Bad Cop song? "
  • account_circleViktor
" How did you book all those shows for your first tour? "
  • account_circleMatthew_sir
" What's been the best piece of advice you were given and what's been the worst piece of advice you were given? "
  • account_circlePeter Elliot
" How did you guys all end up meeting and forming the band? "
  • account_circleClaire Davies
" will the bombpops come back to dallas? "
  • Jason Beyerstein
" Is Australia on the cards? Also how do you play such hardass guitar whilst remaining such a level of elegence "
  • Daniel Brunton
" What are the band's top 3 goals in 2017 And Who's your Daddy?!?! "
  • account_circleZipper
" Why did you call yourselves The Bombpops? "
  • account_circleClaire Davies
" If The Bombpops were a sandwich what would be in it? I love sandwiches... "
  • account_circleGreg Kline
" Do any of you guys have backgrounds playing other kinds of music outside of punk rock? "
  • account_circleGreg Kline
" Whats the funniest thing you did on tour? "
  • account_circleScott_west
" Hi guys! Thanks a lot for doing this video Q&A! If you were to nominate another band to take part in one of our video Q&As who would you like to see t... "
  • Sam
" Do josh's feet still stink like chz? "
  • Noel Jeannine Miller
" Do you already have plans for your next album? Have you written any new songs? "
  • account_circleMike Penn
" Are you planning on hitting GA on tour? "
  • Cole Keese
" How many females has Neil Shoffy accompanied to his apartment while being a part of The Bombpops? "
  • account_circleCris
" What is a common misconception about your band? "
  • account_circleRo
" What have you set out to achieve as a band? "
  • account_circleMike Penn
" Does he use rubber drumsticks in the CA in July music video "
  • Reed Speed
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